As a man it can bring you lots and lots of heartbreak, trouble, pain, loss of money, loss of energy, lack of sex, many cases of being friend zoned when you have been fed on a diet of our romantic movie and book culture. Beware: only our movies and books are often romantic. In real life women are NOT romantic. What we consider romance is a very recent invention. It’s still something entirely foreign to a lot of ‘primitive’ cultures.

Why should you stop idealizing women?

Because you will find it A LOT easier to build rapport with them.

Here are just a few reasons:

  • Women know women better than men and look: Women do not idealize women! They know them too well. In those instances that women do idealize women they are compensating for some deficit in childhood, but in general women do not idealize women. That should be a VERY BIG HINT.
  • They lie. Ok, they lie to spare your feelings. Yes, that’s partially true. But they also lie out of cowardice.
  • I have never met a woman who would not cheat on her partner if the guy with the right ‘assets’ came along. These assets include anything that causes a woman to feel attraction. Although these tend to be somewhat different for every woman in the end there are not that many things that attract women to men. The most important things can still be counted on the fingers of two hands.
  • Women can be very mean to other women. In subtle ways. They are exceptionally two-faced in their relationships with other women.
  • A woman will go for a man just because all the other women she knows find him quite a catch. Am sorry, but that is not a characteristic of some exalted being. It’s a characteristic of a being that is wired to compete for the best father (also includes protection, power, social standing, communication skills, popularity, intelligence, stability, security, looks…) to her offspring.
  • Too many of them value improving their looks way more than what goes on in the world
  • Girls really do just want to have fun
  • A lot of them are terrible in bed and not particularly aware of this. Men get a lot of flak for being lousy in the sack, but women get a pass. They just have to show up and be at least half naked. Why are we so demanding when it comes to men’s technique and not at all when it comes to women?
  • They are just as horny as men IF triggered. The thing is that they are less easily triggered than men. There are some people who think women are somehow nicer than men because they are less sexual, but this is bullshit. Women are extremely sexual, but it takes more factors to get them there. If you are one of those that thinks wanting sex makes you a bad person, well, bad news: then women are also bad.
  • They are freakishly good at lying to themselves. A woman can always find a way to explain her actions to herself as something that was either not her fault or not really bad. Or forget about it all together.
  • A woman’s biggest nightmare is to be seen as ‘bad’. This explain a lot of their cowardice. A woman values her reputation of ‘good girl’ extremely much. In ancient times her very life depended on it. In many countries it is still a matter of life and death. The more they look like angels the more they have to hide. A courageous, assertive, direct and outspoken woman almost always ‘sins’ less than the quiet always smiling girl.
  • The economy would crumble this instant if women stopped caring about superficial stuff. Think about that. They need SO MUCH STUFF.
  • They hate to be labelled as such, but a lot of women are teases. They love attention. I think the corona crisis and the lockdown has delivered the ultimate proof: THEY DO NOT DRESS UP FOR THEMSELVES. When they knows nobody is going to see them they do not doll up.
  • You cannot believe what women tell you about what they like in a man. If you ask you will hear a string of predictably positive qualities. And if they meet a guy with those qualities he will be rejected immediately. Women do not know what they want. Men don’t either. Or to be exact: men tend to have a clear idea of what kind of material things they wish to acquire, but don’t know which emotional need gave birth to that material desire. Women can tell you what they want, but then act very differently in practice. She’ll tell you how she loves nothing better than to read books and then when you get to know her better you find out that she actually loves nothing better than go for manicures and pedicures.

Are women to be cherished and respected in every possible way?

Of course, of course, of course, of course, of course.

Should you idealize them?

Only if you want to die a virgin.

And if you want to fool yourself. Because if you are idealizing women you are only doing it because you are so blown away by their looks. The rest is bullshit to make you seem less superficial.

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