The character played by Christian Slater treats the main character to these bitter truths via a letter. I quote them here. The movie offers no further explanation. The events in the movie are kind of an illustration of all these bitter truths. It’s an ok movie. Not the best, but well worth watching.

The only point I disagree with is point number two.

My personal favorite is number five.

1. Complete honesty is a complete lie.

2. Marriage is sacred only to those who have never been married.

3. Money is more integral to happiness than romantic love.

4. Every human being is a contradiction. Some hide it better than others.

5. Never underestimate the tendency of human beings to act contrary to their own best interest.

6. Were it not for the fear of getting caught, most of us would behave like savages.

7. All sex has consequences, most of them dire.

8. The older you get, the faster time flies until months pass like days.

9. There is no such thing as living happily ever after.

10. Everything gets worse.

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