Let’s get right to it.

  • Be honest. Let them know about the other women. Take it as an advertisement. If the others are happy to use your services she will be interested in giving it a try to, contrary to the popular notion that women want a man to just have attention for her.
  • Accept their freedom too. Don’t put any restrictions on them. If they have boyfriends or husbands accept that you are number 2 in the hierarchy. If they are single – apart from seeing you – accept that they have the freedom to see other people
  • Be romantic. Celebrate their existence! Man, be original. Stay on your fucking toes and keep surprising them.
  • Give them loooooots of attention. Communicate, communicate, communicate. Yeah, it’s going to be time consuming…. But here’s the good news: if you truly love women having all those women in your life will energize you. Am convinced a true lover of women, with a job, can keep about five women satisfied. Maybe six. Five has proven to be my maximum when also having to work for a living, but six is still possible. Seven would be pushing it. But who knows? If you have an easy job… With no need for a job more is possible.
  • You will need a raging libido to give sexual attention to so many women. My advice? Become a master of cunnilingus. And NEVER assume you are done learning!
  • Get deep. Have deep conversations with all of them. LISTEN. Men don’t listen to women. Be unique. Give them something they are not used to. LISTEN.
  • You are going to need the memory of a savant on steroids. Yes… REMEMBER what they tell you.
  • Love them. Pure and simple. Love them. Treat them all with respect at all times.
  • Pick one woman who is your number 1. They will all accept second place if there is clear number one. NEVER give them the feeling they are number three. They will walk away immediately.
  • If sex is your priority then you are…. fucked.
  • Don’t get lazy or complacent. This is going to require EFFORT.
  • Tell them about each other so they get to feel part of a family. I know this sounds weird, but the more they know about each other the more they will accept each other.

I cannot emphasize this enough: only do this when you are just overflowing with love, affection, passion and respect for women.

Good luck!! Will be happy to hear about your experiences. If in need for more personalized advice you can hire my help for the bargain price of 20 euro per hour. Write me on whatsapp: +421 915 09 24 12 or write me an email via rigoreobstinato@hotmail.com

Quick remark: I never believed this myself a few years ago, but when you meet the right woman you simply have no need for any other women anymore. Strange, I know!

But hey, as long as you haven’t met THE ONE, some very interesting situations can come up.

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