I like the title.

It has all sorts of historical undertones.

In the past Americans could move west in search for happiness. Sometimes the natives got in the way, but that didn’t stop anyone from trying.

So Ingrid is a seeker of happiness. A wee bit more pro-active than many other people.

Maybe it’s more correct to say she is looking for an identity. Without a clear cut identity she chooses to copy one. She also needs constant reassurance from fans that she exist through attention on social media.

The irony is that she copies a girl who herself is empty and lives to be wildly enthusiastic about superficial stuff. Her boyfriend is only slightly less empty and even he gets tired of her never ending excitement about whatever looks trendy or would score well on social media.

Ingrid is successful. Thanks to all the info she finds about her target online she easily worms herself into her life.

The movie is like a weaker version of The Talented Mr. Ripley. Ingrid is a personality leach or parasite. Without her host she falls apart. The Talented Mr. Ripley takes it all a few dark steps further though.

All the characters in Ingrid goes west are more about style than substance. Except for Ingrid’s fake boyfriend. I say fake because she only seduces him so she can have a boyfriend to take along to a party where she can hang out with the cool crowd.

I was touched by his explanation as to why he became such a big fan of Batman. It was so endearing that for the first time in my life I voluntarily tried to watch four different Batman related movies.

Ingrid shamelessly uses this deeply intimate information to seduce him. She’s so self-obsessed that she doesn’t give a shit about people. She’s not a psychopath though, but she certainly is a sociopath.

The ending seems to have two messages. One being that many of us long for authenticity, but only spot it when it’s screaming at us. The other message sadly seems to confirm that yes, life is only worth living when you have a huge following on social media and you can have it as long as you dramatically pour your heart out.

The acting is good. The überobnoxious coke sniffing partying brother of Ingrid’s target is so real he made my skin crawl.

For that, plus the attempt to say something about the ‘social’ media pandemic and the little details about how a traumatized boy can find solace in Batman I give this movie

2,5 stars out of 5.