You like to be carried by someone who walks around the apartment. You prefer to be held with your back towards the person holding you so you have your hands free to grab things. And you have more freedom to look around.

You like to be bathed and you get very excited when I yell ‘baaath time’ in a shrill voice right before you go in the tub. You start kicking and smiling.

You enjoy opening the fridge.

You enjoy pulling books out of our book shelves and dropping them to the floor.

Generally speaking you dislike lying on your back, unless for short periods of time and only if you have something to do.

You like pulling back the blinds and letting them smash into the windows. Your mother dislikes this because there is dust on them. And by now you are also strong enough to damage the blinds somewhat.

You like pulling at my beard and grabbing my cheeks. Your nails can be quite sharp.

You are drawn to plastic toys to chew on but this also easily frustrates you. We have had to take away some beads you were drawn to, but for some reason angered you.

Most of all you like to grab random items around the house. You also like to pick up things from the ground.

When we are not holding you, you don’t start crying but you produce a kind of nagging sound as of someone who feels deeply wronged that is impossible to ignore.

Of course you like eating and drinking tea.

You like experimenting with the sounds you make.

You like to bang things on the table.

You almost always smile when you see us. When we smile at you you smile back.

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