On a Sunday you can go coffee and tea hopping in the historical centre of Bratislava, or along the Danube for example.

It’s busy, but not oppressively busy as London or Brussels. It’s certainly cleaner, cheaper and more pleasant than Brussels, I can assure you that.

You can hear Slovak, Czech, more and more English, German and Hungarian everywhere.

Everybody is polite, if perhaps a tad too formal. It’s unlikely the waiters will start making jokes. Slovaks are still more straightjacketed than people in the west. There is a certain elegant stiffness around here.

But behind that is a lot of warmth and generosity as you can see in my previous post.

You can find decent coffee places everywhere, offering any kind of brew you may be looking for. You can find a fine selection of tea almost anywhere. The shops are usually designed in a loungy style with slow digital music gently rocking your body.

It’s highly likely you will see very feminine, dreamily elegant women pass by. I’ve been told young Slovak men are also often handsome.

These are inspiring places ideal to have conversations, read, slow down, write, flirt….