In this hilarious bit Rory Scovel says something I have always felt:

Life is just chores.

And it doesn’t matter how many you do, or how fast you do them, they just keep coming.

Need new glasses.

Shoes losing the heel. Need new ones.



Some administrative bullshit.

My prepaid bus card didn’t work when I was checked. Go to the bureau for fines to get un-fined and have my bus card checked.

Email a sick student what we did during the last class.

Ask a student if we can move his class from Wednesday to Tuesday.

Go to the dentist. Three weeks in a row.


Lots of shopping.

Most of it just to stay alive.

Ok, it’s just shopping. It’s not hunting a gazelle with a makeshift spear.

It’s safe.

The only challenge is to not get stuck in a queue with lots of old people who will try to buy with little coins.

Maybe that’s why it’s so boring.

Imagine the thrill of having to hunt an animal with your mates to feed the women in your tribe.

Ok, some modern women understand male psychology enough to welcome you as a hero when you show up with the grocery bags, but deep down we know, we just really know, we didn’t use a bow and arrow to get that chicken.

So just chores.

Interrupted by…

A bit of sex if you’ve figured it out.

Lots of movies and series.

Some family gathering that you can’t really say no to, don’t really want to say yes to either.

Meeting someone who freshens up your mind with a valuable insight to make life more bearable or to understand things better. Or to make you smile, at least that.

A small success here and there. When you tackle a really big chore.


The never ending chore contest.

Frequently interrupted by people wanting to sell you stuff.

Stuff to make chores easier.

But usually just give you more chores.