Greta is trying to tell the world to do something about the changing climate.

Her often angry and emotional speeches have elicited both loving support and vile contempt.

Don’t just applaud (or bash) the messenger without trying to understand where her pain is really coming from.

‘Nothing has a stronger influence psychologically on their children than the unlived life of the parent.’ Carl Gustav Jung.

Greta Thunberg’s parents are an opera singer and an actor. They have enjoyed some success, but it’s highly likely they wanted much more. They have probably unconsciously passed on their pain, and their desire for more fame on to their child, who has a tendency to become obsessed about one topic. (I know the feeling…)

It’s not a far fetched assumption to think that her parents are now vicariously enjoying the fame that they have always craved. Indicating that they too missed something as children, making this all a part of generationally inherited trauma.

Although it’s easy to admire her for taking a stand and wanting to ‘save the world’, it’s very questionable if her anger and visible anguish are really caused by global warming. Wouldn’t we all want to have her courage, her outspokenness and wouldn’t we all wish to give voice to our emotions like she does, so unabashedly? It’s almost impossible not to feel sympathy for her.

Yet, her childhood hasn’t been stolen. At least not by any climate change. Most Swedish children have lots of opportunities to lead what the western culture considers to be a normal childhood. It’s far more likely that her parents’ experience and how she felt the moods, desires, frustrations and neediness etc of her parents have stolen her childhood.

This is not to say that we should ignore her message. This is an issue that deserves our attention. Over the past few days I have seen several sources warn people about how Big Business might simply use this spreading fear of Climate Change to make more money under the guise of saving the planet. So this youthful crusader might unwittingly be a tool of corporate greed. Since this post seeks to address her psychology, we won’t go further into that, but it’s a train of thought worthy of consideration, explained better elsewhere.

Written out of concern and sympathy for an obviously talented, obviously passionate, and obviously well meaning young girl. Who CERTAINLY WAS robbed of her childhood. But by what or by whom? I don’t think she can realize this at this point in her life.

And just to be clear: anyone bashing this lady, usually macho

men, seem to be suffering from the same trauma as their 16 year old punchbag of choice: they were not allowed to express their real needs as children and need to act tough now. If her vulnerability makes you mock her it’s your own vulnerability you are denying.