Her kissing technique seems the perfect symbol for her attitude towards you. She sticks out her tongue and she French kisses without entering your mouth, or you entering hers. Your tongues just twirl circles around and against each other in the open air. It’s not that she is consciously avoiding this sort of penetration, it happens spontaneously. She’s not manipulative. She is intimate, without fully giving herself, without fully allowing her in. And yet this means a lot to her, this is a groundbreaking act of intimacy to her.

She walks fast. Very fast. And she doesn’t realize how fast. To her this is just a normal walking speed. It isn’t. When we walk along the Danube, it’s as if we are a regiment of soldiers that desperately needs to get to the next bridge to engage the enemy on the other side. I like. All my girlfriends have been fast walkers. I don’t vibe well with slow people. At least not in a romantic relationship.

She seems to have several clothing styles. Classy, funky, oriental. Sometimes even casual. She invests a lot of time in her looks. And when she imagines that something is not quite right about her look, she kindly asks to meet in a darkened room. You think this is cute. Adorable. Of course you accomodate. You would do anything to give her a good feeling. You love how much she values herself. Maybe because in the end you value yourself so little.

Wherever she arrives, she is already leaving. No matter what she’s doing, she’s already thinking about the next thing. The next manicure. The next time she needs to wash her hair. The next stop at the gym. The next thing she needs to do to further her career. The next friend who needs a ride home from the airport. This lady is all about high speed living. It’s not just her looks that leave you breathless. You can imagine how this could fatigue some guys, but not you. It does have the effect that you always want more of her. It’s like you never get the full dose. If one would devise a technique to always have a man desiring a woman, even after many years together, this would have to be it. You have me. In bits. In little sips of bliss. Now a swill, and then a taste, and then a drop, and here you have one more spoon of my feminity. She puts the hook in you and you always crave more. Again, none of this is calculated. This is just who she is.

There is a nervous, upbeat, optimistic emergency to everything she does. When you can make her stop and enjoy togetherness, cosiness, ‘slow time’ for a while, and you see how much she does need this and how she enjoys it, it feels like a victory. To see the enormous stress she puts on her self slide off for a while. She calls moments like that ‘tuli tuli’. And she hates it when she craves moments of ‘tuli tuli’. Perhaps because you need another person to do ‘tuli tuli’. Tuli tuli is when you lie in each other’s arms and just hug and caress and talk softly. She hates having to depend on anyone. So she hates it when she is in tuli tuli mood. But oh, how she purs like a wild cat that’s finally let her guard down – a bit – when she does allow herself to tuli tuli.

It’s similar to when she eats ice-cream, but better.

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