Zuzka B. is a blonde, rather tall, athletic, casually dressed lady with a cheerful smile that obliterates all your worries at least for a little while. She studied mathematics, speaks at least four languages and is currently working for a bank. In her spare time she loves to play floorball, she often gets creative, enjoys games and she is crazy about her two dogs. And she ADORES absurd humor and funny situations. In a country full of women who seem super excited about being alive she still stands out as one long-legged burst of pure Joie De Vivre.

She’s one of my students and was willing to answer our questions, but she didn’t want her last name shown here, nor her face… With great regret we have respected her wishes 🙂

Zuzka answered the questions in English and we have – with her permission- edited her text only very minimally to make the reading a bit smoother.

What is it like to live in Slovakia?

Well, I think everybody has a different opinion on what it’s like to live in Bratislava and its surroundings, and the rest of Slovakia. Alsom there is a big difference between life in a city and life in the countryside. In general, life in Slovakia is hard. Most parts of Slovakia are so poor. People residing there earn just a basic salary, which is not so high as in more advanced countries in Europe, but many basic living costs are the same as in those countries. So on the one hand people are frustrated because of this. On the other hand, they are so glad, grateful, very hospitable and nice. Maybe I am just lucky with the people I meet, but the people I know seem to live a happy life. Life in a city and mainly in Bratislava is different. There are so many opportunities for everything. To get a job, to buy food, for health care, for activities to spend your free time. The spirited competition between companies make the market of Bratislava very dynamic. Everything has its upsides and downsides. In Bratislava the social program is not very advanced. Very little is done for people with a handicap. They have a really difficult life because the country doesn’t care much about those people. Public transportation is not prepared for them and there are almost no barrier free entrances. But nowadays it is a little bit better than in the past. I hope it will get better year by year. We have also beautiful nature, national parks, mountains, lakes, we have everything, but we shouldn’t be so stupid and destroy it. We can travel, we can do, whatever we want. I like to live here and I cannot imagine, where else I would want to live, if I couldn’t live here in Slovakia.

How did the history of Slovakia influence the mentality of its people?

The truth is that for many years we were heavily influenced and pressured by countries like Austria-Hungary, Germany, Russia and our cooperation with Czechia. We don’t have such a long history as an independent country. Also in our cooperation with Czechia we were not a priority, the capital city was Prague. So we learnt to be submissive, like women to men, employees to employers, employers to the state, the state to the whole EU etc. We aren’t very proud, or selfish, we cannot even fight for our rights. Nowadays it is better and we are trying to teach our younger generations how to be proud of Slovakia, how to be independent like a country, but for the older generations, who grew up under communism, it is very difficult to get used to it.

Is it true that Slovak women are so uniquely beautiful ? If yes, how is that possible?

I think Slovak women are beautiful, because all Slavic woman are beautiful. Once one of my teachers told me, that it is because of genetics and the evolution of bones, but I am not sure, if it is true. Maybe, it could be true, that we are a mixture of many nationalities, who colonized this territory where we live for now. But it is only a guess.

What is the best way to win the heart of a Slovak woman?

I think a universally true and purely objective answer doesn’t exist here, but when I speak for myself, a man should be funny, honest, helpful at home and loving. A woman just needs to feel she is loved and sometimes even understood, but for this she has friends like other women. And then a man should converse with his woman. Not just listen to her, or pretend that he is listening. Of course this is sometimes just impossible if you want to preserve your sanity, but they should at least try.

What are Slovak women like in bed?

I dont know, I dont sleep with them. Just once and it was a little bit boring.

What is one thing that Slovak women can do better than woman of any other nationality?

I have no idea. maybe learning the accent of foreign languages. but it doesn’t count, because maybe this is true for all Slovaks, women and men.

Maybe they take better care of their husbands here.

In only three words, how would you describe Slovak women?

Pretty, goal-oriented, ambitious.

What excites you?

When someone surprises me, even if it is only a little thing. I love to be surprised. Or when we travel. I don’t feel like traveling a lot, but when we do go somewhere I am so excited. Just like a small frog I jump around and shout ‘we are going on a trip’! And I also love really fast driving, my excitement starts to peak when the speeds goes above 160 km/h and it is such a huge dose of adrenaline for me. Or when I can create something. or when I come up with some idea and then I realize, that it is the best idea EVER! it is not too hard to get me excited. But when we are talking about excitement in bed, a long look into my eyes and unpredictable touching will do the trick for me.

Final words of advice for any man trying to seduce a Slovak woman?

If someone just wants to seduce her, like for sex, it is so easy. Buy her a drink and then tell her some cauliflower bullshit. If she wants to, she will. But if someone wants to seduce her like to be in a lasting relationship, be positive, funny, make her laugh but not only with jokes. Don’t pretend anything, be honest and be interested in her life story. Ask a lot of questions, whatever you want to know, talk to her, but only if she feels like it. Be considerate, attentive and sensitive to her needs.