As shamelessly stolen from the Facebook page Revolutionary memes extreme:

‘September 11th is known as the day the Twin Towers collapsed but on September 11 1973, The CIA backed Pinochet coup of Chile took place after 3 years of covert economic warfare against the Allende government (The world’s first democratically elected Marxist government). The CIA put down 10 million dollars to (65 mil adjusted for inflation) help finance a military coup led by Augusto Pinochet, a known fascist. 3000 were killed in the coup including President Salvador Allende. The USA instructed the subsequent Fascist Military Dictatorship (Also lead by Pinochet) in counter insurgency. The result was roughly 30,000 being tortured or disappearing. Concentration camps were set up, dogs were taught to rape women, children tortured and seperated from their parents. All under the knowledge and instruction of USA higher ups. Pinochet’s Chile was used as a laboratory for a Neo-Liberalist economy, with Milton Friedman and Pinochet being in regular correspondence.’

Congratulations to whomever wrote this.