I read interesting post about week ago.  It was about guy who invited woman on date to restaurant.  Article didnt really described how date was going on, just ending, when man refused to pay whole bill and insisted on separating it, basically who ate what, payed for it.  Of course woman had more expensive dish so she was unfavorable suprised from his acting.

Next week he invited her again, she madly refused and sarcastically said him, she wont go out with loser who cant even pay for her food.  He didnt own her anything and said her back, he wont pay for date when it doesnt look for happy sex ending.

Oh waw.  Like when exactly this mutation from good mannered men to men looking for sex benefits happened? Or is it some level up? No sex, no pay no romance? Like dont get me wrong, woman wasnt polite neither, but once when you invite someone to date, you should show up as gentleman and pay.  They werent slovaks, I think article was written by denmark author.

Thinking how this would be in Slovakia.  Slovak men tend to be still from „old school“ but this trend is vanishing pretty fast.

You get invited to cinema, he pays, but he doesnt ask if you would like some drink or snack there.  I guess it is something extra.  Guys dont really put effort into dates, into thinking about something romantic unless they sure way to woman´s pants is free.

Last Saturday I got ultra mad on my boyfriend. He took his brother and brother´s girlfriend into theater.  And sent me pictures from there.  No. I wasnt with them, since between me and my boyfiend is right now 1200 km. He is at Belgium, at home.

I got very annoyed, because he never took me to theater, he barely had intention to take me to cinema. Like cinema and burger king before was our top social and cultural activity. Also during those he never forgets to ask me if I pay or him.  

Im really confussed what is going on with men. Is that hard to make woman to feel she is worthy of nice date? Or it is really that easy to get any kind of woman nowadays without any effort in beggining? I would say, its always easier to start relation if you dont ruin those first dates.  Let woman feel like she is goddess, take her to nice place, not necessarily expensive place, just let her dress up nicely and you will see how woman shines. And pay the bill damn. Dont ask stupid questions if she can do it or if she want to do it. Just pay.

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