In the pic you can see Trump mocking a disabled reporter… Just to set the mood here.

I was surprised by the question. The friend who asked has a 152 IQ, as officially tested by mensa. Ok, that doesn’t make him informed about American politics. He’s Slovak, living in Prague and has – I must say – far healthier hobbies than obsessing over politics. And he’s not the most avid reader, nor is his job in any way related to media or politics or academics, but still, the question took me by surprise.

First he assumes, as many people do, that because I do not support Hillary Clinton I support Trump, or because I oppose Trump I must automatically be confused about also opposing Clinton. These people are not very different. It’s question of style, not of content.

Maybe you have seen that video where Trump is holding his umbrella only over his own head and not over his wife Melania, and Obama is holding his umbrella over his wife Michelle. To most viewers this is then proof that Trump is bad and Obama is good. With the same logic I can show you pictures of Hitler with smiling children on his lap. What a swell guy!!!

I hate Obama, although I would prefer to have his style.

I hate Donald Trump, although it would be nice to have his near always ‘on’ narcissistic mask of infallibility. My middle name might as well be ‘self-doubt’.

And I hate Hillary Clinton, although I admire her tenacity.

When it comes to content and policies and support for the billionaire class, their support of Israel, their hypocrisy, I loathe all three.

When it comes to Trump:

The guy is a racist, abuses women, favors trickle down economics, bombs just as much as previous presidents, lies, can’t form coherent sentences, does not give a shit about facts, is a narcissist, called for the return of the death penalty to try and kill the central park five (who later turned out to be innocent), has no idea how to help the working poor, pretends to be anti establishment, but isn’t, is sponsored by Israel, a country that is shamelessly killing Palestinian children and locking up millions of people in the largest open air prison on this planet, Gaza, has repeatedly implied he would like to have sex with his own daughter Ivanka (YES, he did…on video…), routinely hired companies to build for him and then didn’t pay them knowing that he could stall their claims in court, got helped with his massive debt by the russian maffia, he have tax cuts to the superrich, who didn’t need the money and who used the money to buy stock, artificially making the stock market look good why millions of Americans, the working poor, are struggling to build a life even though they have jobs.

This is just to name a couple things. why the hell would I like him? He stands for everything I hate.

One of the few things we have in common is that the dude likes Slavic women.

But who doesn’t?

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