Some facts:

  • There are over 1,000 thousands posts on this website. Some of these posts got literally millions of views on sites like Quora. There is enough stuff here to fill three novels. About three times 75,000 words. A book typically costs between 10 dollar/euro and 20 dollar/dollar. There is at least one finished book on this site, if you go all the way back to how we started, it’s called Female Alphabet, it has been read by only a handful of people, but they claim it’s a good read. And it’s on here for free.
  • If everyone who visits this site would donate 2 euro, we’d immediately have enough money to run a staffed newspaper treating topics related to Psychology, Economics and Politics in much more depth.
  • This site has taken the equivalent of three years in a full time job to build it into what it is, no kidding.
  • Although 95 percent of the posts here are written by William, we are very open to publish contributions by readers. And William can only do this because, over the years, he’s received massive emotional support from a bunch of people close to him. So that’s why we consider PEP talk to be a group project. People worth mentioning: Zuzana, Randy, Maryam, Marianne, Lenka, Veronika, Pieter-Jan, Benjamin, Alja, Lucia, Eva, Janice, Dominique, Abram, Katarina, Michal Sopko, Nick, Ruben, Anna C, Anna B, to a lesser but still important extent: Ruben Ramboer, and many, many, many others who have loyally and patiently cheered this project on.
  • SAD FACT: If a hot looking woman with lots of half nude pics on Instagram would be running the exact same website, it would alread have 5 million followers. Damn, that’s sad…
  • What you donate is saved and will not be spend until we have enough to make some major changes. Some of it has been spent to keep the site online and some of it went to books, which will serve for future blog posts.
  • SO FAR ALL DONATIONS, EVERY SINGLE ONE, HAS COME FROM WOMEN. Several women have donated multiple times!!! We can’t thank you enough, you are amazing!
  • The goal has always been to write like Nirvana made music, but with a bit more political content.
  • You can say what you want about this site, we are the first to admit it’s far from perfect, but we can confidently say one thing: it has a level of raw energy, uncut brutality and almost embarrassing honesty that you will be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.
  • Many of the people who read this site do not have the financial means to donate, that’s totally fine, just share posts please, even if you think you don’t have the social media presence for a share to do anything. And comment. Don’t be shy. Make this site come alive more and contribute.
  • So who is going to be the first guy to treat us to a cup of coffee? Ah, that point when you realize you don’t have enough gay fans… Weird, cause we are supportive of gay people.
  • Pay it forward. You can rest assured that we ourselves give a lot of free stuff away. Over the past two years at least 40 people have received a totally free print copy of one of our books, The diary of an authentic person (It only exists in Slovak though).
  • Last thing: I’ve been blogging since 2008 or so, first in Dutch and then in the summer of 2016 I permanently switched to English. I would be too ashamed to ask for any donations if I didn’t think that there is enough on this site that is worth a tiny bit of your heard earned cash thrown our way. Call me immodest, but this site has more to over than your average street musician.

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