I find everything interesting. I could lose two hours right now by watching some documentary on, I don’t know, the Finnish educational system. Just like that. Zap. Two hours later. And I didn’t do what I set out to do. Ignored everything that’s urgent when it comes to my business. I combine several things, but when I look at where most of my money comes from I am a one man teaching company, so there’s always something that needs doing. I go from company to company here in booming Bratislava and I teach English, Dutch, German, French (in order of frequency). Life’s been good these past two years and I hope it will stay that way.

Because I easily lose track of what I find important. Because I easily listen to other people’s problems. Because I so very easily get distracted by anything interesting on the internet, in the form of movies, documentaries, series, YouTube videos, articles, chatting with people I never meet, playing complicated board games against myself, cause at this point I don’t know anyone who could play them with me, audiobooks, books etc etc etc. Basically am addicted to distraction, or information if you will.

So this is my system. I read it almost every morning. Usually I look at it at least one’s a day.

Here is how it works. You pick a sentence that energizes you. For me that was, quite randomly really, THE STONEWALL BRIGADE CHARGES AT KERNSTOWN. The context behind this doesn’t matter. You can see the Stonewall Brigade in the picture by Keith Rocco above.

The point is that it’s a sentence you can easily remember, a sentence that kinda shakes you awake a bit. It could have been anything in my case, but here the letters I needed just fit.

Now every letter in that sentence stands for something essential to me.

If you want to know me, just looking at what’s about to follow, will give you a hell of a lot of information. I may one day explain every word in more detail, but for now I just give you the system.

What would be your sentence, and what would each letter stand for?

Here is my system

Exercise Daily

Only healthy food
No fap
Eliminate everything that doesn’t serve you
Learning is doing
Less is more

Rock and Roll lessons
If you love women they can only love you back
Apologize only when you really did something wrong
Deep connections
Effort pays off

Celebrate a top class lady’s existence
Have priorities = Have time
Alcohol only with the right people
Respect nobody who does not respect you back
Gifts only when given with the heart
Everything is a gift
Sing your own song

Attract what you envision
There is always one more thing that you can do

Expect the best possible outcomes
Nemo me impune lacessit
Sexuality only with mutual respect
Trying to keep people in your life who don’t want to be in it will only destablizes your self-worth
Offer quality
What is the one thing you can do today that would make everything else easier?
Neediness will only get you in trouble, practice detachment

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