From now on we will regularly ask IMG_6812.PNGSlovak women some questions to find out what Slovak women are like, what it’s like to live in Slovakia and if there is a way to conquer the heart of a Slovak woman.

Today we start with a member of our PEP staff, Lenka. And this on her birthday.

So first of all, happy birthday Lenka, and thanks for answering our questions.

1. What is it like to live in Slovakia?

I haven’t travel that much to compare lifestyles, but I think living in Slovakia isn’t as bad as Slovaks like to claim. Most Slovaks have their own house, have food every day, nice cloths and they can raise one or two kids without any problem. This isn’t possible in a lot of countries in the world, so yes I am happy in Slovakia.

2. How did the history of Slovakia influence the mentality of its people?

The history of slovaks, well the history of the slavic nations is just an awesome story. Lord of the rings or Game of thrones is just a fairy tale in comparison. Our history is full of those insane adventures. Our ancestors were most of the time subordinated to other nations, I will mention just the Kingdom of Hungary, because this relationship made Slovaks into what they are now. We work a lot, we still look back at our history where we were able to make most stuff with our hands and we’d like to keep it that way. Slovaks are very hospitable, most of them will open their doors for you, almost force you to go inside and you get either some alcohol or coffee, food… they are really nice. But what I don’t like about us is our judging of people, it’s very typical for Slovaks : ‘According to myself I judge you’. So we are nice, mostly good natured, but we don’t trust others, we are always looking for something bad behind each word.

3. Is it true Slovak women are so beautiful? If yes, how is that possible?

They are. Let me give you an example. If you know western women, they have almost all the same face and body features. It’s like you enter a small local shop and you can choose just one brand of this milk chocolate. You feel like one with hazelnuts, but you can’t because the shop doesn’t offer it, so you got to be satisfied with the milk one. Slovak women are different in this, they don’t look like they come from one mother. It’s finally that feeling to enter a big shopping mall with 150 kinds of chocolate. You suddenly feel like trying all of them. Slovak beauty just brings variety.

4. What is the best way to win the heart of a Slovak woman?

I would for sure say, don’t be one of these savage men, who have a full mouth of words, but most of it is empty. Be yourself. What history got into the head of Slovak females is that men should be always men, do manly stuff, act like a man. We don’t like those very feminine men. That’s the role of us women, being beautiful and feminine right to the core of our bones. But it’s true nowadays that men have to be sensitive too, they have to have some level of polite behavior and have to treat women like a treasure, because most Slovak women are.

Machos, savages, egotistical men don’t have a chance at all.

5. What are Slovak women like in bed?

Everything goes. Once the doors are closed, we get a man we absolutely trust, a man we love, we throw away all our restraints and we do everything for ours and our partner’s pleasure. No, Slovak women arent whores, they just consider sex as the highest level of intimacy between partners, so they put everything into it.

6. What is one thing that Slovak women can do better than women of any other nationality?

It’s the heart she puts into family care. She puts literally everything into family. All her power, all her love, all her energy and fears go into building a family nest. The Slovak woman is the true fireplace of each home. I have never seen this in any other country, to be honest.

7. In only three words, how would you describe Slovak women?

Intelligent, stunning, hardworking.

8. What excites you?

A lot of stuff. From an absolutely clean bathroom, over my blossoming flowers to a man whispering dirty stuff into my ears. I can get excited just from speaking about my favorite topics, books, imagining a crazy future. Not sure if this was the answer you were looking for, but excitement for a woman starts everywhere and it’s only up to the man to find out how he can work with it.

9. Final words of advice for any man trying to seduce a Slovak woman:

Don’t try to seduce her. Try to conquer her, try to fight for her, prove her you are the one she should choose. Don’t be lazy. Make some effort. It’s worth it.

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