In case anyone was still wondering: this website started as a desperate attempt to make my juggernaught of a depression better. I had no webmaster, I was a total noobcake when it comes to building websites, I still am. After two years of taking this site serious I still don’t know how to make wordpress do what I want, and am most of the time deeply unsatisfied with the site, although it did get better over time.

So, after long consideration I decided to enable readers to donate a bit of financial blood if they wanted to.

To my and every one on the team (there are several people who support this site so much that they are counted the team behind this site) it was almost unbelievable that people started reacting and donating.

We have received about enough to keep the site online for a year, which is amazing. What would be amazing beyond our wildest dreams would be if we could get enough donations to switch to quality videos instead of just written pieces.

I would like to go out on the street to interview Slovaks, lots of them, at least on a weekly basis. It’s not just the equipment we need to get for this, it’s also some technical assistance, we could do a lot if we could pay some media savvy student to help edit videos.

So again, thanks a lot, it means the world to us.

It may not always look like it, but blood, sweat and tears go into this site. Ok, maybe not blood, but if stress and frustration count as blood, then yes, blood gushing out of gory wounds.

See you every day at 10.00 am.

All the best,

Team PEP

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