So far our site has received 70 cups of coffee. If you google how many cups of coffee you need to drink to kill yourself the answer one tends to get is 70.

If this was a subtle conspiracy on the part of our readership to say that one of us (probably me, William), we have some party pooper news. Nobody can drink 70 cups of coffee fast enough to kill himself.

Special note on these donations: So far all the cups of coffee have been donated by women.

This does not surprise us.

Our articles have a touch of sensitivity that men simply can’t get, can’t stomach, can’t or won’t relate to.

And we’re more than ok with that.

This site will become even more a place for women to go to and for women to contribute to.

Treat us to a cup of coffee

It's a great joy and honor to be able to create content for our readers. It's nothing short of a calling and if it would not be rewarding we would of course not be doing it. That being said it's also true that it sure doesn't come easy. Thousands and thousands of hours go into providing this website for you. Countless hours of research, reading, studying, discussions, brainstorms, some heated arguments between the driving forces behind this site about the content offered. Honestly, this website costs blood, sweat and tears. Ok, maybe not blood, but plenty of sweat and tears. It’s not cheap either. It’s safe to say that this site is like a full-time job on top of our regular jobs. So what we are asking is this: If you’ve had some fun on our site, you could spread some joy of your own and support us. We are hell bent on improving the quality of this site. If you treat us to just one (hopefully more than one) cup of coffee (3€) we will feel energized to raise the bar. Every donation will strictly be used to improve this website. So no, we won’t actually buy coffee. Thank you very much! PS Yes, this is a picture of Zuzi.