Instagram user claiming to be a Bernie supporter: I see you support Tulsi Gabbard.

Me: I prefer Bernie Sanders actually

Instagram user claiming to be a Bernie supporter: I will not even talk to people who support her she supported the slaughter of 600 kids in Gaza in 2014.Shd supports Sixi in Egypt and the military occupation in Kashmir. 100 % fake in my opinion and I’ve been in the antiwar movement 30 years. Dont contact me again unless u change ur mind

Me: you seem

quite violent in your language for someone who is anti-war 🙂 if it’s true I will definitely stop supporting her. Wishing you a peaceful day. Language like yours is what makes me think social media brings out the worst in people. I was in Palestine for a month and I support their struggle for freedom. The Israeli occupation is one of the most disgusting situations of our time. Anyway, wishing you a peaceful day. You won’t convince many people with your aggressive attitude. Bernie would’t be heard of if he went around talking to people like that. Wishing you a peaceful day. Let’s not talk again cause you don’t seem like a nice person, no matter how great the causes are you defend…

Instagram user: FU

Me: haha, that one I saw coming, so predictable. Sounds like you have personal issues to work out. Wishing you the best. You can say fuck you again now, since you’re so eloquent 😉

– And then I got blocked making me think that this person was just using me as a punching bag to blow off steam –

Social media… I had a lot more peace of mind before I had an internet connection…

Also: ‘Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity’, George Carlin