On YouTube you can find some excellent analysis of the avalanche of hit pieces on Bernie. It’s really a tsunami. Every corporate media rag has taken up arms against the most popular politician America has seen in decades… Go to YouTube shows like the Jimmy Dore show, the New Left or The Humanist Report for example, these guys are doing some truly fantastic work, better than any mainstream journalist. It’s just amazing that the best journalism is now taking place on YouTube. Even YouTube is trying to silence them, because YouTube just like The Washington Post, Vanity Fair, CNN, MSNBC, pretty every mainstream publication or channel you know, is siding with the billionaires.

Even in Europe there are hit pieces on Bernie. This week NRC, a ‘quality’ Dutch newspaper published an article calling Bernie the kingmaker of Trump, basically saying that it’s a pity Bernie is such a strong candidate but he will only help to get Trump get re-elected because Trump fans will entrench more with Bernie as the presidential candidate. The exact opposite would happen. A centrist is going to lose against Trump. Or did the mainstream media not pay attention in 2016? Well, no, they were too busy being the real kingmaker of Trump…

Luckily a lot people are seeing through this. They know the game is rigged, the table is tilted, the dice are loaded.

Only a yyyyuuuuuuge grassroots movement that debunks the constant biased reporting of the mainstream and reaches out to individual voters with discussions on the issues will help Bernie get elected. That and teaming up with Tulsi Gabbard at some point in the race…

The US is ripe for a radical.

A radical who in Europe, in places like Scandinavia or almost anywhere else in Europe would just be a centrist, slightly to the left!

By the way, Gabbard does not condone the violence used by Israel in oppresssing the Palestinian people.