Just like in 2016 Bernie Sanders has more to fear from the democrats and the mainstream media frantic attempts to shut him down. Just imagine a debate between Trump and Sanders… Sanders would not let himself be bullied like spineless Jeb ‘please clap’ Bush or make himself less and less popular just by smug body language like Hillary ‘I am your God, vote for me or burn in hell’ Clinton.

Here are some of the accusations that will be fired along the front of the mainstream media:

  • he’s too old. Nevermind that a bunch of other politicians are also old. You will never hear them call corporate lap dogs call old. Ronald Reagan was already losing his mind as president. Trump can’t seem to remember anyone’s name, Joe Biden is not exactly a strapping young man and when McCain ran his age was not an issue
  • They will try to convince you that blacks don’t vote for him. Nothing could be further from the truth. Lots of black Americans have publicly endorsed him, repeatedly, people like Killer Mike are very outspoken in their support of Sanders. Just watch this video.
  • They will say the US cannot afford his programmes, a living wage, free college tuition, healthcare for all. Funny, cause the US spends 60 percent of taxes on its military, it spends more on the army than the next ten nations combined and every developed nation in the world can afford to have cheaper universities and healthcare for its citizens. The only reason Americans don’t have these things is because the billionaires manage to distort the truth by soaking Americans in corporate propaganda.
  • The Israel lobby will do all it can to smear him
  • They will try to sell you other ‘leftist’ candidates, corporate tools like Kamala Harris…
  • They will accuse him of being a… man and you should of course be voting for a woman. After all, Americans prefer a female president. Whoops, no, they prefer the most authentic politican and the last time around that was Trump, compared to Clinton it was at least clear what he stood for… Man or woman, how does it matter? The issues matter, the politician’s track record matters, not a politician’s gender. Yes, I would like to see a female president, but why this time, when the only candidate sure to defeat Trump and unite a giant movement unseen since the Vietnam war protests happens to be Bernie Sanders.
  • They will try to convince you he is rich. I can tell you one thing though he’s not fetching 200,000 dollars to give a secret speech for a gathering of Wall Street bankers.
  • They will try to convince you his 2016 campaign was infested with sexual predators. Bullshit, sexual harassment happens everywhere and no campaign was immune to it. Plus, Sanders has addressed this issue in public and OBVIOUSLY does not condone it
  • They will call him a radical, but in Europe his ideas are totally normal, there is nothing radical about the man, but sadly, according to highly indiviualized ‘swim or drown’ America any proposal to take care of one’s fellow citizens is considered radical
  • They will say his fans are white men, whereas in reality he has more female than male supporters…
  • The Democrats will make sure he can’t win the primaries through their super delegates and other tactics, hereby merely ensuring Trump will get re-elected. America is now so polarized that no centrist candidate can unite the country… Kamala Harris would go the same way as Hillary Clinton.
    At some point Hillary Clinton will jump in the race, yes, she will try a fourth time… And she will get all the mainstream media attention when she makes this o so surprising move…
  • They are panicking because otherwise they would use this tactic much more effictively: they will pretend he does not exist. In 2016 Trump got waaaay more media attention than Sanders even though Sanders was drawing larger crowds… It seems they are too scared to simply do this again and have opted for an all out smear campaign…

This is just a sample of what they will do to him. They will try to throw everything at him except the kitchen sink and then they will unscrew the kitchen sink and knock him over the head with it…