There are three people on the left who are for real, Tulsi Gabbard, Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein.

Now, Jill Stein is never gonna win, she’s too sweet and she is a third party candidate. Being a third party candidate she is sure to be kept almost entirely out of the mainstream news. And she is too sweet. Americans are an angry crowd, they want candidates with fire in the belly. Bernie can thunder like the best of them and Tulsi has served in Iraq and is a decorated veteran giving her a lot of credibility in the most war mongering nation since the Roman empire.

The mainstream media, who defend the interests of the superrich elite, will prefer to give media attention to Trump and to fake lefist candidates like Kamala Harris, a wolf or hawk in sheep clothes just like Hillary Clinton was.

There is no doubt in my mind that if the media gave Bernie and/or Tulsi their fair share of attention that they would win by a landslide. The trouble is that America is ruled by a minority, namely the angry, outraged, defensive, hateful white male. And they are the ideal tools of the billionaire class.

So probably Trump will win again against a fake leftist candidate promoted by the mainstream media. And even if a real lefist candidate would win the Democratic primaries they Democrat Party will sabotage any such victory and make sure a ‘safe’ conservative candidate will run against Trump like they did in 2016. Bernie won the primaries. Just look into what happened in the state of West-Virginia, Bernie blew Hillary away, but in the end the game was rigged and the state declared for Hillary. The same is likely to happen again, because the Democrats and the Republicans are the same party, they protect the interests of the billionaire class, of the corporate state, of the military industrial complex.

So yes, the title of this article is misleading. I hope Tulsi will win, maybe with Bernie as her vice-president. I fear however that the mainstream media together with the Democrats will make sure Trump gets re-elected or some fake leftist hypocrite will win.

If you are interested in the 2020 campaign you can find the best info via the Jimmy Dore show, just look it up.