I had one of those days today.

The ‘I am so lazy today I would rather eat eggs way past their expiration date with tasteless bread than to go out to shop for groceries’.

That kind of day when the clamor of my taste buds fails to activate me.

So, to not be entirely useless, I:

  • Read four Asterix albums in French so I can teach French better
  • I cleaned my hair brush
  • I washed my hair, while soaking i the tub reading Asterix
  • I listened to the Jimmy Dore show and to two episodes of On Contact with Chris Hedges
  • I played chess against the AI on the hardest level and lost more than 10 games and won only one, but hey, maybe it sharpened my concentration a tiny bit
  • I did the dishes while listening to the aforementioned political shows
  • Eventually I pushed myself hard enough to go to psychological hell, namely a shopping mall, to get two pairs of shoes and some groceries
  • I wrote three clumsy, yet passionate blog posts hardly anybody will read but new posts keep this site alive
  • I learned some Spanish on duolinguo, but really very little
  • I got some hours left so maybe I will read some German book or some more French

It was just one of those days that don’t contribute much, but I have had even less productive days, far too many in fact.

The trick is to be lazy as fuck and still do something that your future self will thank you for.