All that pick up stuff is filfty shit born out of the tiny cojones of insecure little boys looking for daddy’s approval and mummy’s tits by ‘scoring’ with women. Am tossing it all out. It s all bullshit. Even the stuff that works only works randomly because sometimes you just hit upon a woman who will sleep with you in spite of that immature pua shit you re trying to pull.

If you love women they can only love you back, it’s that simple.

It eliminates all your insecurities because the focus is on them not on your tone of voice or body language or whatever silly sign of ‘power’ when you love a woman all that shit comes naturally and they always feel it and they will steer the thing to sex and sex shouldnt be the end goal anyway, just loving them is the only goal cause we are men and they are women and all one can do is sabotage nature. if a vagina and a dick meet the attraction is on from that point you can only step on your own dick by pulling unnatural pua shit. it s like walking consciously, once you think about how you walk you trip.

PUA stuff works like – if you re really good – with like 20 percent of the women one approaches. Anyone who claims better results is delusional or lying or actually loves women and falsely thinks the pua shit is the basis of his success with women.

Love women and they can only love you back.