Forget about RIDICULOUSLY limiting mostly imaginary INSECURE spineless crap blocking you from intimately connecting with women such as:

  • social status
  • negging (feel free to ask what this seriously disturbing seduction ‘technique’ is about)
  • ‘game’
  • approach anxiety
  • calling women a number from 6 to 10
  • day game
  • night game
  • direct game
  • indirect game
  • a ‘set’

And all other such Pick Up Artist bullshit that is making the most natural thing in the world the most ridiculous ‘science’ in the world.

This book shows you the pure essence of seduction. I wouldn’t even use the word seduction for it.

The book points out that:

1. The only drive for interacting with women should be because you LOVE women

2. You should go after the women you are most attracted to, no matter how many light years they seem to be out of your league

3. Your attraction to a woman does all the seduction for you. Just accept your attraction, feel it, talk to her, don’t try to trick her into doing anything, she will feel your attraction and it will turn her on. That’s all there is to it.

4. Be aware of how much pleasure you can give a woman you are deeply attracted to and offer it, but without pushing her into anything, without neediness. Just let her feel your attraction to her. The more you are attracted to her, the easier it will be. So don’t settle for women you think are easy targets, engage with the women you are most attracted to, no matter how intimidating she may look. Your attraction to her will be real, it will be powerful and she will feel it.

5. Build a satisfying, passionate life for yourself that is not primarily build around getting sex with women. Women want to be a part of your exciting life, but they don’t want to be the thing that fixes your insecure, empty, lonely world.

Stop treating seduction like it’s some science and forget about all PUA and seduction books, sites, talks, YouTube channels…

Do yourself and women a very big favor and just show your attraction unapologetically and forget about technique, opening lines, anything studied…