In my home town Aalst we have the insane cultural reflex of being rude to people we like. The longer I have distanced myself from my home country, my home town and my native language the less I want to put up with this. Here in Slovakia I have only met one person who does that and I hate it and don’t tolerate it anymore, because the only source it’s coming from is:

Insecure masculinity.

The same sickness that gives us racism, identifying with cars, posing with big objects to compensate for penis size, wars, rape, greed, et cetera.

So my answer? And this is 100 percent true:

I meet more cheerful, optimistic people, with more respect, more willingness to learn, more interest in other cultures, more charm, more elegance, more good taste and more respect for life than at any point of my life in Belgium.

Am not saying Slovakia is the perfect country with the perfect people, I mean, yes, Slovaks are deeply neurotic, rather predictable and scared and shy, but they are in no way boring, they are certainly less boring than a lot of Belgians, I have met, and they are not communist peasant turds. What kind of impossible label is that anyway? As though Slovaks live on collective farms or something.

And by the way, I write about stereotypes because it drives up the traffic of this website, but people are people everywhere, we all have way more in common than what sets us apart. Slovak women dress better. Slovak drivers are more aggressive and are certainly not cyclist friendly, but are those such profound differences? I think not.

Slovaks aren’t perfect, and they aren’t what I would like them to be, but who am I to talk?

I most definitely am not the person I wish I was either.

If it does not serve love DON’T FUCKING SPEAK IT