In the docu ‘Where to invade next’ you will see some brilliant ideas.

  • How the Italians manage to always look like they have just had sex. It has something to do with paid vacations, maternity leave and long lunch breaks, which make them only slightly less productive than Americans, but far happier
  • How German workers have lots of influence at the companies they work for
  • In Norway only 20 percent of prison inmates are re-arrested in the five years after leaving prison. In the US it’s 80 percent…
  • In Portugal they do not use anti-drug laws to lock up millions of black Americans to strip them off their voting rights and use them as slave labor for companies like Victoria’s secret. Now you know the secret, the war on drugs in the US was a way to re-instate the institution of slavery. In Portugal NOBODY has been arrested for drug use in the last 15 years. Oh and drug use has gone down.
  • In Finland highschool students don’t have homework, they have better things to do. They also seem to know English better than American students, aside from speaking two or three other languages fluently.
  • French schools serve meals worthy of a fancy American restaurant. Even the poorest schools serve excellent food.
  • In Iceland women are politically powerful resulting in a country that thinks as one big family, not as the militarized ‘me me me swim or drown’ American police state.
  • Tunisia cares more about its women’s well-being than the US. Yes, I know, Tunisia…
  • In Slovenia college education is FREE even for American students. In the US students are strangled by debt which of course greatly limits their ability to be politically active

Watch it, it’s a damn fine documentary.