I wasn’t really focussing, because mine eyes and ears had found the glory of God in some of his finer work, but still, I couldn’t help overhearing bits and pieces of a conversation.

A man and a woman.

They had obviously met on Tinder or Badoo or some such digital place for the married ones looking for sex, the completely desperate or the teases. There were several indications. They had that tone of voice someone has when he or she is trying to look perfect and sweet and o so agreeable and open and o so honest, and they didn’t have each other on messenger, nor did they have each other’s phone number. Plus the man was talking about his work and talking way too much.

Men talk too much to women. The bullshit we bore women with… Ok, women are the sexual selectors, so the guy was trying to qualify himself, and at the same time trying to impress her by seemingly not trying to impress her. She seemed to like him because her voice was silky. It wasn’t exactly the most sexy conversation. So much subtext was going on that I wished I could turn off the conversation. They weren’t really talking about his work, he was trying to present himself in the most favorable light. Perhaps he was exceptionally good looking or she was desperate, or he had been very funny and intelligent online, because she seemed attracted even though the conversation was not really that stimulating. Maybe she didn’t feel he was trying hard not to impress her so she would be impressed.

Luckily I had much more interesting use for my senses, so I tuned out the sound of this first date. Purely based on the tone of their voices I think they will have at least a brief fling. I couldn’t see them, I could only hear some bits of their conversation and I didn’t even want to hear this, but I swear that tone of voice betrays everything.

It also reminded me of how often we are saying things just because we think it will raise our market value.

How very rarely do we simply openly and honestly state how we see a person and what we want from them.

Not that it’s easy.

I hate walking away from an interaction without saying what I really felt, but it happens.

At times I think this should be called The Spontaneity Project, because it’s the quality I find myself lacking the most often.