So the president of the US – who was elected by a minority of US voters, Hillary Clinton got more votes- has ruled that Maduro is not the legitimate president of Venzuela, instead he has simply elected the opposition leader to be the president. Just like that. Perhaps it’s a step forward in US foreign policy they usually bomb the shit out of countries whose government doesn’t sit well with them. Or they assassinate the leader who does not do there bidding.

What annoys me the most is how the western mainstream media reports on this issue as though it was a normal move. There is no objectivity in the media. There is only a fake objectivity. And by merely reporting ‘opposition leader sworn in as president’ they are condoning the wrong-doing, by never taking a stance, by never condemning anything the US and its allies do, especially when it comes to Israel, but also in any other case. The Russians, Cuba, Bolivia, and possibly China and Iran are not happy about America’s latest move on the imperalist chest board.

It now all comes down to this:

Will Venezuela’s military back Maduro or the US backed puppet? This of course risks plunging the country into a civil war.

I am not sure why this makes my blood boil. Knowing about this issue does not serve my interests in any way. It distracts me from my responsibilities and writing about it is pointless, because am not important, my opinion doesn’t count.

So if I am to become happier this year I have to let this go. The US is trying to overthrow a government, largely because it wants control the oil reserves of Venezuela and the west is complicit, but since I can’t do anything about it and I can’t hope that anyone would listen to me about any other topic than how to make a woman reach orgasms, it’s better for my mental well-being to accept the hard truth that what is happening in our disturbingly polarized world is entirely beyond my control and that am better off preparing a lesson of Dutch…

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Let this sink in