2018 has been the best year for me, since, 2005-2006, except for a few moments here and there I was mostly miserable ever since. And this year was only so great in the second half.

So being happy is a new drug to me. And here are some of the side-effects, apart from the usual effects of happiness:

  • I have been writing a lot less lately. Clearly anger and frustration give me more inspiration, time and drive to write than being happy
  • I avoid negative people like the plague whereas I used to seek them out to be negative together
  • I have quit alcohol entirely, I don’t see the appeal
  • I value my health more
  • Although I still get panick attacks they don’t bother me that much
  • my social media use has almost dropped to zero. I believe posting on social media might be a cry for love. Now that I feel good I suddenly haven need to post anything there
  • am more grateful
  • I see more clearly what and who is good for me and what and who isn’t
  • This is the year I have read the least, almost nothing compared to other years
  • I am much milder towards my fellow human beings
  • Am less envious
  • I stick to my diet
  • I’m far less interested in politics than before