There are suddenly no more beautiful women. When I do spot one I am convinced she is Slovak or Russian. There are quite a few Russians in Austria.

Pleasant for me, being the dwarfish son of a height obsessed father, was that Austria appears to be the true Hobbit land. My diminutive 174 cms seemed all of a sudden to be above average. Nice! But sort of a useless advantage, since, well, there was nobody to seduce. And once back in Bratislava almost all the guys in the bus back home were taller. And the women were again knock-outs.

I have read a bit about Austria the past couple of days and one figure that stuck to mine eyes, was this: Austria made up only about 8 percent of Nazi Germany, population wise, but 40 percent of concentration camp guards were Austrians… Maybe there is some reasonable explanation for this utter overrepresentations in the Nazi extermination camps, but according to the lovely Slovak lady I was visiting in Linz, ‘They still don’t like foreigners around here.’

I must say everybody was reasonably friendly, sometimes even very friendly. People were certainly more open than in Slovakia and I struck up a conversation with a total stranger in a bar, which almost never happens in Slovakia. I am a sociable guy, but here in Slovakia I feel like my sociability is rotting away if I don’t push myself to be more outgoing than I usually tend to be and take initiative to meet people.

So definitely on the plus side:

  • Austrians seemed more easy to talk to than Slovaks
  • Austrian women looked like the usual product of a society in which traditional men-women relationships have become obsolete and redundant. This means that you see lots of women with short hair, unelegant clothes and purple or blue hair. I am sure they are more fun to talk to than Slovak women, but they are unfortunately also infinitely less attractive. Am regarding the general unattractiveness of the female population as a plus, because I really needed a break from being constantly lecherous (yes, LECHEROUS) from being surrounded by the kind of women every cell in my body is programmed to want to bed.
  • Before I insult too many people again: I do meet mind-blowingly Slovak women who are also incredibly interesting to talk to.
  • Austria is very sauber, clean
  • Nice trains, nice trams, nice metro
  • The kind of prices I know from Belgium, so nothing unusual according to me
  • Quite a few carless streets (I absolutely hate cars)
  • Rather friendly people
  • Quiet people
  • There seemed to be a lot of organisations trying to help the poor