I am not good at poems, I rarely spend more than ten minutes on them, but this one was requested by a little wicked she-devil called Lucia V. and so I came up with this. She specifically requested a poem about drugs that would have a sad atmosphere and not condone drug use.


the realm of the hungry ghosts
dusty locusts gobble up gray sells
and poop out fleeting self-esteem
childhood innocence to redeem

a chemical iciness roasts
my throat and scent entrance
taste this false security laden lance
almost as good as kisses from dazzling damsels

cover up my Jonah complex
no pain no gain
dura lex sed lex
only shards at the end of the fast lane

you can dribble past the God of success
your raging glow may impress
soon the locusts will have their fill
you are left on the debris of potential
your scary calling still louder than your denial
safer than reaching for stars
cheap speeches with fellow cowards skulking in dingy bars