Lenuš is a gorgeous – but very modest – Slovak lady and this is her corner on PEP. Here’s her take on guys and romance.

The best things happen unexcpectedly.

Do they? Before we get the answer to this question, I need to mention, that this article is about men and about the way they think when it comes to suprising their loved ones.

Still guessing if the answer is yes or no?

I went through the list of my female friends, and asked them, what was the most romantic, what most the shocking or the most touching their male halves ever prepared for them.  Well better said, suprised them with.

I will start with myself.


I love books I have to say, it doesn’t really matter which kind. Basically I’m a reading machine.  But yeah, I have more favourite topics to read up on, of course. That’s the American civil war, history books, classical novels and fantasy. In the last category belongs the theme of vampires and werevolves.

I was addicted to this and didn’t even realize how often I was speaking about it to my ex boyfriend.  He never acted annoyed, he listened to me, sometimes he said something.

At first he started with gifts like buying me books on this topic. I was always so happy. Was really cute.  But the true shock came on my birthday, when he gave me an enveloppe and inside were tickets for a 4 days trip to Transylvania in Romania.  He didn’t know, how I would react, so he started to explain.  He said he knew I would want to see Dracula’s castle and all the nature around, just to complete my imagination puzzle about vampires.  I was still speechless. How? Just how could he get this idea? Alone… a man?  Again how?

It was the biggest suprise of my life. And cooked up by a man.  They are still not completely lost, dear ladies.


‘That’s a hard question, he is very straightforward, always asking me what I would like as a present.  But hmm let me think.  (meanwhile we drank two cups of coffee and water)

Ok, I think it was when after 5 years of dating he told me he would like to marry me and have kids with me, because I am the woman of his life.  I know this is the experience of a lot of women, but my husband is different, he is ultra-defensive and showing his,feelings this way was a big suprise for me.


‘He isn’t really a romantic kind of man. More practical minded.  In the beginning of our relationship he used to buy me everything I just said I liked in shops, I had to stop saying anything while shopping.

When we got married we realized there is more important stuff.  Now the most romantic thing he is doing everyday is taking the kids out so I can finally rest after all day of this crazy routine at home.

He knows it’s exactly what I need and I didn’t need to tell him a single word about it.


The way he is, is still a suprise for me every day, he supported me in the worst and hardest times of my life.  Didn’t escape, just was my pillar and he is doing it every single day.  I love to wake up next to him in bed every morning.


‘Oh, when he bought us tickets for the hockey championship a few years ago in Finland. He basically organised everything, bought plane tickets, packed our bags, prepared all papers and I didn’t know what was going on the whole time.

Instead of going to the cinema in evening, he took me to the airport and there he told me where we were going.

I couldn’t believe it.  He did it all alone, and his happy face after all this was pure gold.’


Generally men aren’t deep wells of romantic ideas and suprises, but once they do – they go for it.  These various examples show that not much money needs to be invested to suprise us and render us speechless and absolutely emotional. All men need to do is observe and listen to their women.