Be super self-confident around Slovak girls. They easily mistake kindness for weakness in this country, and their number one turn offs are: if you’re not well-groomed and if you show signs of docility or being a push-over. In the west they may sometimes find it cute when a guy is insecure, but Slovak girls, especially the very pretty ones, fall for solid guys.

The best thing to do is to create an active date. This involves walking, hiking, cycling, going on some trip by car… Just take them out of their usually rather boring reality. Remember, most women are ‘bored, lonely, horny’, even though they are good at hiding this.

It’s very easy to be friendzoned by Slovak women since they are usually very friendly and won’t blow off guys too obviously, they will stay on friendly terms with them even if you show interest repeatedly.

If you look around in Slovakia which guys get the prettiest girls you can be sure that you don’t need to be an intellectual. You need to be well-groomed, a nice car is a big bonus, you have to offer stability or at least pretend to offer stability. Don’t talk about deep stuff, make them laugh, compliment them, but also push them around, be bossy, give them borders.

Slovak girls are truly girls, they are very feminine, so you won’t get away with qualities that are perceived as feminine. Most Slovak women are still abhorred by guys with long hair. In my experience, the more sophisticated a woman is the more open she will be to dating a guy with long hair, but Slovak women are usually not deep or sophisticated. They look nice, they sure know how to dress well, they are caring, loving wives, and they have the same human brain as anywhere else in the world, except that nobody is pushing them to use it. Mind though that they all have their pride and will like to pretend they like art, books, etc. Some really do, but most would much rather hike in the mountains or lie on some beach or have a reason to get their fanciest dresses on. These girls LOVE to be seen.

So first dates:

  • Have a short coffee date before the real date. Don’t see this coffee date as the first date, see it as the preparatory date to the first date. Keep this date short. The more you talk to a Slovak woman the more ammunition you will give her to reject you. The guys who are most succesful with women in Slovakia don’t waste too many words and if they say something it’s just to show their own social value and to tease the women. During this short date you find out what kind of activities she likes and you do those on the real first date
  • On the real first date it’s best to do something active. This can be sport, but taking her to a theater is also good, because it’s sort of a fancy event and you give her a reason to dress nicely. It’s way better than going to a restaurant. I advice entirely against going to a restaurant on the first date. Most Slovak restaurants still look like manly bars or are family restaurants, either way they are highly unromantic. Don’t do it. Also don’t take her to a cinema. A theater has a long break, a much fancier setting, and the people in the audience usually interact a bit more, the atmosphere is simply more romantic, even more erotic, because when Slovaks go to the theater they try to look good.
  • You can take her to a museum or a historical site like a castle
  • If she’s not very familiar with Vienna or Budapest you can take her there. Trips are a good idea. Also trips to smaller towns that look like a fairy tale are fine
  • She will not be expecting you to spend a lot of money, unless she’s a real golddigger (the ones that look like classy call girls usually are)
  • If you do take her to a bar take her to one of the bars along the Danube or take her to a boat on river
  • Don’t do anything extra fancy, don’t push her, don’t be needy, never try to rationally convince her why you are a good match. Just be confident and calm. Slovak girls seem to be allergic to guys who get nervous, more so than in the west. In the west they sometimes have a thing for the nervous, clumsy nerd. Not so in Slovakia. The worst sex killing word a Slovak girl can label you with is ‘zlaty’. It means ‘golden’, but what it really means is ‘you are a funny sexless, spineless, balless creature that I find quite pleasant to hang out with, and you are good-natured but not in a million years will you come anywhere near my vagina.’ SO DO NOT BE ZLATY!!! Don’t give her gifts she hasn’t earned, don’t go out of your way to do stuff for her, don’t bombard her with questions, don’t hang on her lips while she talks for hours and hours about her childhood and her mum and that neighbourhood kid with the weird braces. Up her energy! Tease her, do something active. Hell, make her feel insecure, make her feel she should prove herself to you, not the other way around.
  • Avoid any kind of talk about your ex. Definitely don’t pretend you are some kind of womaniser. These women mainly react to simple, solid providers
  • Never listen to what Slovak women claim they look for in men, because they say one thing, but do something entirely different in reality. Most women tell themselves some bullshit story about how they react to men, but this is almost never how they react in reality and what really triggers them.
  • BIG HINT: Once a Slovak woman wants you, she will be all over you. Everything will be possible. She will want to see you. She won’t need sleep. She won’t mind staying out late, even if she has that big important meeting in the morning, and so on. If she’s not this eager after a relatively short time, then YOU BLEW IT. It’s kinda all or nothing with these women.


  • split the first date in a short coffee date to find out what she likes and then have the real first date later. If she liked hiking go hiking, if she likes trips, take her on a trip.
  • Steer clear of very emotional topics
  • Tease her, make her insecure, kick her off that damn pedestal guys places pretty women on just because they are pretty. Don’t insult her, but make her earn her time with you. Every time I’ve made the mistake of valueing a woman too much early on, I got nowhere, except in those rare cases that a woman was super into me, no matter what I did. You cannot wait around for those cases, so DO NOT PUT HER ON A PEDESTAL
  • Give signs that you are reliable and ‘normal’, whatever that means. They love anything ‘normal’ around here. This is a highly predictable, neurotic people.
  • Do not risk being called ZLATY. It’s a sexual death sentence.
  • If she’s not all over you after three, max four dates, then you totally blew it

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