To avoid confusion, the following article deals with Slovakian women between 18 and 40.

This post is bound to be horribly politically incorrect, and therefore closer to the truth than any other post on this topic.

This article assumes that women use their looks as capital to partner up with the guy with the most social influence they can get. Please think about this before you read on. Women use how they look to ‘buy’ the most ‘expensive’ guy they can afford. The most expensive guy is the one that will provide her offspring with the most safety in her eyes. To be cruel here: women are walking baby ovens searching for the guy that will offer them the safest position in the ‘tribe’.

Note also that women scout not necessarily for the material proof of a guy’s social value, they will settle for him if there are enough signs that he has the potential to develop into a guy that will provide the most secure, most exciting environment later in life, especially if she pushes him. Women always assume that they can unlock a guy’s potential.

Let’s rank them according to their looks, since

1. Looks and how people react to her looks determine a woman’s attitude

2. We assume that our readers are out to find hot Slovakian women

If she’s a ten or a nine or at least an 8,5

Women who are a ten or a nine often work in a sector that allows them to make a lot of money through their looks. I once briefly dated an 8,5 and hell, she made 750 euro A DAY for posing in lingerie. She was so used to being treated like a princess that she quit doing it, because she found it boring to change into different clothes so many times during one day…

She was also tall as fuck.

The only reason she went out with little old me was because I pretended to totally not be impressed by her looks AND because at the time she met me I had a high social ranking. I was somewhat known locally and she saw that. She also saw me with other women who were not only a little less attractive than she was.

A woman like that can easily find a decent guy with money. If she can choose between two decent guys, one who has money and one who hasn’t, why on earth would she make it hard for herself and choose the poor one? Unless he shows some glowing potential, she simply won’t.

But you can trick her. By ‘negging’ her as it’s called in PUA jargon. Simply put: don’t be like all the other guys who druel all over her. Since she was a teenager guys have thrown themselves before her feet. She’s bored of that. Stand out. Be unimpressed.

By the way, this woman left me immediately after I became just like all the other guys and started praising her looks like some raving junkie groupie. I instantly became just one of ‘those guys’.

A nine or a ten in Slovakia will be traditional though. She will want to have children. In Slovakia they are all obsessed with babies and when a woman doesn’t have at least one child her family and friends start pressuring her, start pitying her as though she’s nature’s worst reject, and basically, she’ll feel miserable. She’ll feel time racing against her.

These women have so many options that they might wait too long to settle down with a guy, because there could always be a better one round the corner.

Since these women are intimidatingly beautiful, they are often only approached in the right way by cocky, arrogant guys, usually with some money, who are attractive at first, because they don’t suck up to these women, but ultimately can’t provide real emotional attention. So they drift from one hot shot guy to the next.

These women are often envied by other women and despised by the guys who know they can’t have them, but perhaps their reality is quite lonely.

They tend to be socially savvy, as they get a lot of practice. From a young age adults show interest in them, so they are used to many different social situations.

A ten in the looks department is often also quite intelligent. They are usually good at reading people. On the other hand you will rarely find them in a very brainy field as their looks open doors to other sectors. Television, fashion, prestigious firms, psychology related sectors. The least fortunate ones end up as receptionists or in sales. And the very unfortunate ones end up as waitresses, though not for very long. They may also be the ones to penetrate a male dominated industry, as they will be likely to be hired by men for their looks, and be rejected by female employers.

If you want them you will have to be very unimpressed by their looks and you will have to neg them and challenge them a lot.

Or you can be lucky and bump into a ten who for some mysterious reason doesn’t realize she’s a ten and through some self-fulfilling prophecy doesn’t dress like one and is not noticed. A ten that stays below the radar because she has such low self-confidence. Marry her before she realizes. She looks like a ten and comes with all the benefits of a six or less.

If she’s an eight

You will at the very least have to display lots of proof of socio-economic stability and mental health. Looks might matter more to her than to women who are a ten. That’s because they like to have it confirmed that they are hot. A ten knows she’s hot, she doesn’t need extra reassurance, she’s in fact tired of hearing about her looks or looks in general.

These women are approached a lot, and they are approached by the best kind of guys. An eight is unlikely to be single for very long. It’s perhaps the best possible position for a woman to be in.

A mixture of douchebags and serious guys approach you and you can pick the best ones.

They tend to lead less glamorous life styles than tens, so they always have a decent job.

In Slovakia they tend to be well-educated, want normal things, and be traditional. They are ALL traditional and predictable. They ALL want the same things. Babies and weekends spent with family, preferably in some village in the mountains. They have their looks and their femininity to compensate for the otherwise boring life style they ALL want.

If she’s a seven

Ah, this is the first category where you will start to find unhappy women who carry around resentment. You can find some real bitches here. You can find women here who wish they would have been hotter.

Beautiful women harbour far less resentment towards the world than plain women. Especially the ones that barely failed to qualify for the status of princess. It’s like coming second place, the one who wins silver is more dissapointed than the one who wins bronze.

Luckily most of them are just nice. A seven is good. It’s not what your genes want, if you’re honest, but perhaps she will have a lot of fun qualities.

Note that you will be more critical of her.

The less beautiful a woman is, the less shit a man will tolerate from her. That’s according to real research, don’t take my word for it.

If she’s a six

Here you will find the most variety. Bitches who resent not being in a higher league and super sweet women. Some guys fall for bitches, so sometimes you see a hot guy dragged along by a bitchy six. A bitchy Slovak six is hell on earth. In this category you’re also most likely to find the kind of woman that will sleep with any guy to convince herself that she is hot.

If you’re going to settle for a six, at least make sure she’s an angel. There’s plenty of sweet sixes to be found in Slovakia. Real home makers. Not models, not porn star hot, but super reliable home makers, very focussed on work, family babies and a bit of holidays.

Less than a six

Expect shyness. A lot of it. And lots of insecurity, confidence issues, etc. Most are angels and will do absolutely anything, way too much, to keep their guy happy. Especially here in Slovakia. The less attractive she feels the more she will do to be the perfect home maker.

What do they have in common?

  • Babies! They want babies!
  • Family is way more important than any career
  • They will do any job that pays ok money and have no values in this. If a company related to the arms industry employs them they won’t even realize they’re working for the arms industry. This is just an example, what I want to say is, they don’t really care about the world, they just care about their own small world. Babies! Family! Holidays in the sun! Their job, their looks, their friends… Sometimes religion plays a surprisingly big role in their life
  • Most of them read less than 12 books a year. Most of them don’t even read five books a year, so don’t expect to talk to them about things in any depth. Most of them are fairly interested in lots of different topics though, it’s just that they won’t dig deep into any issue out of their own initiative
  • They will constantly be screening you for proof that you will be a stabile life long partner who can provide them with babies and security. Much more so than in the west for example. They can be quite naive and can be ‘tricked’ into one night stands, but that is DEFINITELY NOT what Slovakian women are looking for.

May this guide serve you well.