In recent moments Israel has suffered one propaganda defeat after the other. Support for the Palestinian cause is growing. Especially Europeans have started to condemn Israeli violence and are starting to understand just how dire and unfair the situation of Palestinians is. The US is still largely behind Israel because the media owned by the rich support Israel unconditionally and explain away Israel’s crimes. Fox news will have you believe that Palestinians are nothing more than barbarians who live according to the sick rules of a death cult and those poor Israelis are tricked into killing them.

At the moment the treatment of Palestinians is worse than what happened under the Apartheid regime in South-Africa.

Although European citizens mostly support Palestinians, European governments are less likely to follow, because of economic ties, because of money. Financially speaking it’s better to cover up the crimes of Israel, but recently Israel has gone so far that even government officials are speaking out against one of the most racist, most criminal and oppressive states the world has ever seen.

Ahed Tamimi is now free and will continue to inspire (even after Israel will have poisoned her with something that will cause her to die of cancer, watch for it).

There are still at least 300 Palestinian CHILDREN in Israeli prisons.

If you want to know more about the situation google Abby Martin, Ilan Pappé, Max Blumenthal, Noam Chomsky, for starters.

If you want to read about my own experiences there, click here. Note that I was there in a ‘quiet’ month.