There are a few things very wrong with the Nuremberg trials. This article does not explore the depth of what went on there, but it gives you show highlights.

Quick reminder: the first Nuremberg trial led to the execution of almost a dozen top nazis. Others like Albert Speer and Karl Dönitz got long prison sentences. Rudolf Hess got a life sentence. Göring, the toughest defendant, managed to escape his hangman by taken his own life. No small feat since he was under strict surveillance.

  • The accusers were the ones that organized the trial. A neutral and entirely impartial party should have organized it
  • Lots of documents that the defendants needed were shoddily translated to German
  • Key witnesses the defence needed were never found and never really looked for, they were ruled incredible or were in some cases even murdered. There’s evidence that the suicide of key witnesses were staged by allied intelligence services
  • Witnesses incriminating the defendants were always believed
  • Witness who came to testify in favor of the defendants were manipulated by the accusing parties before their testimonies
  • The nazis were accused, for example, of having deliberately planned a war of aggression. The obvious problem with this is that the allies, the French, the British, the Soviets and the Americans were themselves ALL guilty of deliberately planning wars of aggression. Do we really need to name them? Well, here are some. The Americans already were the world’s leading expert at staging wars of aggression… Cuba. Mexico. The Phillipines… French murdered Haitians, the British massacred masses of people in India, the Soviets attacked Finland and also attacked Poland. They attacked Poland together with Germany… They had a clear plan to divide Poland. None of this could be mentioned at the trial.
  • Important witnesses such as Field Marshall Von Paulus, the incompetent and rather timid commander of the German 6th army at Stalingrad, was under severe pressure from his soviet captors to say exactly what the judges wanted to hear
  • The judges decided to hang a subordinate of Albert Speer, but not Albert Speer himself. Are we to believe that a control freak like Albert Speer, perhaps at some point the second most powerful man in the Reich, did not know what his subordinate needed to do to keep the war industry going?
  • The reason Albert Speer, one of the highest ranking nazis on trial, got off with only 20 years of imprisonment is that he clearly acknowledged the legitimacy of the trial. That’s precisely what the allies wanted to hear. Even so, he almost received the death sentence, the judges were divided on the issue. Of course they were divided, if you look at the people they hanged, he should have been hung as well. Unless some sort of exception was being made for recognizing the court’s authority and for accepting Germany’s guilt. Speer cleverly avoided confessing major personal wrongdoing, but openly stated that Germany had been the big villain. The allies loved him for this! Hell, the Germans loved him for it as well. If the second most important guy in the Reich could work with all his might to help Germany win, without knowing the details of the heinous crimes, then any German could claim not to have known the worst of it.
  • If anyone is to be blamed for the second world war, then it must be the allies and the impossible peace terms they shoved down the throats of the defeated with the treaty of Versailles.
  • This does not mean that Germany was innocent. Of course they perpetrated some of the most horrendous crimes in the history of mankind. But to have them tried for this by other murderous states is just ludicrous. I am personally against the death penalty, but if these nazis deserved to be hanged, then a whole lot of Soviet, French, English and American top officials also deserved to be hanged. Today it would be fair, in the spirit of Nuremberg, to hang every American president alive today -maybe with the exception of Jimmy Carter – and definitely Hillary Clinton, Madeline Albright, Henry Kissinger and many, many others.