Yes, the first season was the best. It was innovative, surprising, and deep. It really, FINALLY, showed every little step people take before slipping into an affair.

Season two was more classic thriller like.

Season three was the season you watched out of loyalty and because you were hooked on the characters. Boy, season three was not good.

Season four is nice to watch, even though it is insanely DERIVATIVE. I’ve always wanted to use that word. I’ve been saving it up for the right moment. It’s derivative. Think terminal illness, people looking for a donor, the little wonder child that needs guidance, the obligatory gay kid, that kinda stuff. Also think cheap, sloppy wink towards Dead Poets Society.

But, while derivative, it’s still fairly addictive drama. At least the actors are intense, especially the ones playing Helen and Cole. Noah is turning more and more into cardboard.

And the shows skirts several important themes, like being the child of expats, or the son who is afraid to achieve more than his father, without really exploring them.

So why watch it?


Season 4 kinda makes fun of today’s addiction to fake spirituality. Mostly practiced by people who fail to have a career, but have money anyway. There’s one therapist in this season who’s so bad you’ll want to throw a shoe at the screen. We mean that in a good way.


Some scenes are pretty sexy. Not the best, but better than average.


Maura Tierney who plays Helen is HOT. She plays a very believable milf who’s more and more showing she’s got life figured out. If you’re in the mood for girl power then watch her character evolve.


The shows introduces you to EMDR. Voodoo shit with eye moment. No, am sorry, it’s a psychotherapeutic technique that for still unexplained reasons helps people overcome trauma.

5. The characters are still fascinating

Even with a rather lame script, the characters still draw you in.