What they are selling us:

That addictive moment when a hot stranger stops being a stranger. The excitement when almost out of the blue someone steps into our lives, pushes our buttons, and we get to know them better. Most of all we feel like all our senses are engaged. We feel as though a missing piece of the puzzle has been granted us. And we feel grateful for this presence that lights up the room.

You know, before you know each other so well, all the fire is lost, and all your stuck with is predictability and boredom. And little fights about every day stuff.

That’s what they are selling us in many different forms, but mostly with the exact same formula.

That formula ‘does it’ for us, so it doesn’t get too stale IF

  • There’s fiery, razor sharp dialogue
  • If the two main characters actually like each other, if they click on screen
  • If the deviancy from the standard formula is interesting enough to make us forget the formula long enough to stay hooked
  • If the characters are the kinda people we would fall in love with too
  • If there’s an interesting back story, life if you learn something new about some industry or culture or a piece of history
  • If there are funny moments
  • If something bad happens that actually makes you FEEL something
  • NONE of those criteria are fulfilled in this movie. NONE.
  • Miles Teller is usually fairly adorable to watch (see ‘War dogs’), but in this movie he doesn’t get past ‘kinda likeable’.
  • Analeigh Tipon is a total dissapointment, she’s not even captivating when she is explaining what she expects in bed. Even her standard cuteness can’t compensate for the lameness of it all.