‘I want you’, writes Ahmed.

I’m standing in a Bratislava tram and am unashamedly reading everything on a woman’s mobile phone. Over her shoulder. She’s sitting close enough to read everything. The only thing that makes it difficult is the speed. She’s bombarded by messages. I think she is on Badoo. At the same time she’s talking to a female friend sitting next to her. That one is on Facebook. We really do make time for each other today, don’t we?

Ahmed writes her in Russian, but the woman shoots back:

No understand’

Slovaks have crappy English.

The interpreter and people pleaser in me wants to jump up and say:

‘He’s writing that he is a very nice and honest man’

I would instantly ruin the last miserable vestige of a chance he has with this woman.

I am a nice and honest man?


You might as well get a cat and feed your dick and balls to it. With that kind of attitude towards women they instantly become useless attachments that are just going to cause you more agony.

Some other guy tries a less direct approach and asks:

‘You seem to have a lot of Arabs under your connections. How do you know them?’


I mean, sorry, Allah…

Dude, you want to get into her pants. Who the fuck cares why she knows so many Arabs? Maybe she secretly wants to be imprisoned in a harem and ritually abused every night. Who cares?

Sure, you need to make some meaningless chitchat before a woman is willing to spread her legs for you, but still.

Getting laid is obviously the only goal this lecherous horde has.

Lecherous means horny.

Horny means they want to slam their dick inside her holes and rid themselves of the demon seed that is driving them so crazy that they are investing their time into asking questions they absolutely do not want to ask, but do pose, because they are so desperate to shoot their load in a somewhat ok looking gal.

She wasn’t pretty. Here among Slovak women she was a four, which is very low. Of course, online, she has carefully selected pictures to make her look as sexually attractive as possible.

I’ve only just met an 8,5. A receptionist at a law firm where I teach. That one was hot, and she knew it, she could tell I was attracted, even though I was trying to be as stonefaced and disinterested as possible. At least I had plausible deniability. I don’t want to feed the ego of these Slovenky anymore, in most cases they have nothing to offer but their looks, and if they want you, they will make it abundantly clear, usually after seeing your car or your paycheck. So why bother?

The lady on her phone is clearly just getting a whopping ego fix out of her Badoo game. She’s only responding with one or two words max.

Where are you right now?


What are you going to do tonight?


She’s not investing in these guys. She’s just massaging her ego.

Online the same 15 percent of men are attractive for women. The rest loses. 85 percent of men are entirely chanceless on an app like Tinder. This also makes sure that the women on an app like that are not going to get anywhere with a guy they really like, and if she does get to date him, she can count on it that he’s simultaneously dating and fucking at least 5 others and people – men and women alike – have the unfortunate egotistical demand that they want to be the only one for the person they are dating.

So, conclusion, online dating sucks for everyone, EXCEPT for the 15 percent of men that have a profile that all the women find attractive. They get laid, they get plenty of sex and no commitment, usually making lots of women unhappy in the process.

Sure, any halfway decent looking chick can get ego boosts from hordes of lecherous guys trying to get into her pants. But at the end of the day it will leave her feeling empty, no fancy dick to fill the void. You can’t get off on cheap compliments from guys with low market value.

Make no mistake: women turn into predators when they spot a guy with high social value. It’s a myth that guys are always the hunters. It’s just an impression we get because there are so few guys that women consider to be worth the effort. 15 percent. Probably far less than that in the offline world.

The chances of finding a great relationship on an dating app, while not zero, are definitely rather marginal. If you’re a woman and you like a guy a lot, he’s fucking others, and if you’re a guy who likes a woman on a dating app there’s a very, very high chance she does not give a flying fuck about you, she’s just mildly enjoying your compliments and needy attention, quite like a passive vampire you keep feeding your blood for a reward that never comes.

It’s paradise for women who just want sex, instantly, right now, any time of the day. But, let’s face it, there aren’t many women like that. Plus she would have to take major risks. For women it’s always a huge risk to be available, you never know what kind of creep you are letting in. And there’s only a small chance that he will be any good in bed. Plus, nobody can find out, because no woman wants to be seen as a slut.

In the end:

Men first want sex with a woman before he can feel intimate with her.

Women first want intimacy with a guy, before she’ll want to have sex with him.

These needs are in direct opposition.

This clash is why humanity is losing so much of its precious time and energy trying to ‘hook up’


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