Option A

Be miserable because you’re being faithful to your wife and kids. Downside: massive sexual frustration because of something called the Coolidge effect. Look it up.

Option B

Be alone and miserable trying to fuck other women. Lots of highs and lows in this scenario. And it can get kinda lonely at times. May mess up the relationship you have with your kids.

Scenario A tends to be just a little bit less miserable than scenario B.

Theoretically there’s also option C. In option C a guy finds something he’s so incredibly passionate about that he forgets that his nut sack is full of poison that is driving him to fuck as many hot women as he can, and that if he doesn’t that poison will cloud his brain so much his life will become a nightmare.

Good luck, men.

Good luck, women, who want to be with men…

Men’s fundamental problem is that once they have something or somebody they stop appreciating it immediately. They only desire what they can’t have.

It seems to drive human ‘progress’ in technology, production, tools, etc.

Other than that it seems to drive everyone crazy.