It’s quite simple, there are no surprises.

  1. Palestinians die, but it’s their own fault. One stab wound in Israel is front page news, shooting unarmed Palestinians is not. And if it is, you have to suggest that they died, because they probably just wanted to get killed. These people die on purpose just to annoy Israel…
  2. The US foreign policy is heavily influenced by the Israeli lobby, but this is never really explained. It may be mentioned here and there, but never to such a degree that this fact would become clear to everyone.
  3. Iran must be demonized at all times.
  4. If US allies kill their own people, this cannot be reported. Because, you know, the US cares so incredibly much about human rights!
  5. Although from time to time there can be a short article about how a handful of billionaires own more than half the people on the globe, it can never be explained why this is happening, and that there’s really nothing fundamentally being done to redistribute wealth more fairly.
  6. Russia must be demonized at all times.
  7. You can endlessly repeat that the US is a democracy and stands for freedom, without ever consistently pointing out that the US is an oligarchy with very little real freedom for its citizens. A common American has very little real influence over what happens in his or her country. But if you repeat long and loud enough that they are free, they will believe it, unquestioningly.
  8. If an article says some food, say wine, isn’t healthy for you, the newspaper needs to come up with an article a week later saying that it actually is healthy.
  9. Trends in society just happen. Especially harsh trends just happen, there’s nobody really evil in this world, we’re all just somehow caught up in economic dynamics, and nobody has any intentions. Things just happen. There are bad guys, murderers and serial killers, but the real gangsters, the elite, are never blamed for anything.
  10. The social and economic system we live in is completely accepted. No serious alternative is ever presented. And every country needs to be competitive and we all need to have more growth, more growth, more growth. That we live in a system in which there is clash between the demand for labor to make profit and the lust for more profit by paying as little as possible for labor, is never fully explained. Here and there you see Marx mentioned. But more as this well-intentioned loon, who, yes, spotted some weird mechanism in our economic system, but hey, it doesn’t really matter, it’s outdated and he may have been right, he was for all practical purposes just wrong. Rich people get richer and poor people suffer, but that’s because they don’t try hard enough. Hey, we could all be billionaires if we would just try harder. Any from of thinking toying with the idea of making the economy much more fair, is always somehow linked to Stalin and ‘millions’ of murdered people. As though this fact automatically means that there is absolutely nothing wrong with our current system. Our current system kills millions every year, but these deaths are not attributed to the economic system, they just happen.
  11. The mainstream media pretends to be objective. It pretends to always present all sides of an argument. In reality they are far from objective and by throwing around conflicting opinions by ‘experts’ it chooses to see as experts, people just get confused. The mainstream media also unquestioningly repeats what politicians say. At least if they choose to report on them. This is just giving a forum to certain politicians without really putting their words in context.
  12. The issue of our age is economic in nature, in what way we will produce goods, how we will distribute goods and how we will reward productive members of society, and how we will treat members who we -often unfairly- view as unproductive members. At this point in time we have decided that the elite takes pretty much all of the cake and that rich people deserve to rule over us. We have decided that unless you are rich or have a certain status your opinion doesn’t matter. Unless in the rare case that you and your opinions become a threat to the system that feeds the rich. Then you need to be shut down.

The news you get served by the mainstream media is what the tiny elite who rakes in all the cash, and owns all the major media companies want you to hear. That’s a pro American pro Israel, pro economic growth at all costs train of thought. Mixed with dumb entertainment to keep you from questioning anything at all.