I started blogging somewhere in 2007 or 2008. First in Dutch, and then eventually I switched to English, as most Belgians and Dutch people care very little about the topics I’m interested in, and they are more loyal to the mainstream news, less open to blogs. The last two years have seen a significant growth in the amount of visitors, views, comments, emails, messages, etc

Here’s what I would do differently if I could start over:

• I would pick a clear niche from the start, at first I blogged about all sorts of topics and this confuses people. You don’t attract a tribe if you’re all over the place, what I post about is still way too diverse. Blogs that have one clear niche and one clear target audience attract more people

• I would be more careful about selecting pictures

• I would use titles that people google, not titles that sound literary, but that leave the reader clueless as to what is the post about

• I would not call the site projectauthenticity… PEP is catchier, though am still not satisfied with it, and I still have to change the url…

• I would rant less

• I would write shorter posts

• I would post more about things that actually help people, not just about random stuff that I happen to find interesting…

• I would do more interviews with people I admire

• I would definitely not just write, but also experiment with video

• I would make a much bigger effort to let guest bloggers contribute to the site

• I would blog every single day. Since I’ve started blogging every day am getting about 30 times more traffic