Last week I kept track of how I spend my time.

The results were anything but favorable.

Apart from working with clients, blogging and reading some useful things here and there, plus some chores around the house, I also wasted a shocking amount of time. And I immodestly consider myself to be someone with more drive than most people I meet. (He bragged!!!! Lynch him!!!!!!).

Here are some of the things that horrify me, looking back:

  • I binge watched Friends, I made it through 2 whole seasons. That’s almost 50 episodes. What the hell for???
  • I read random articles on internet that are not related to my goals
  • I went through sort of erotic content that only made me horny, made me lose focus and made me restless. Benefit? Zero. I didn’t need an other reminder of how shallow all of it is. In the end it just frustrated me.
  • I read a lot of great answers on Quora. Most of them dealing with military history or military technology. Interesting, but how does if help me? It doesn’t.
  • I chatted quite a bit with several friends. Which is quite fun, but it’s nothing compared to face to face conversations, really nothing. Am not listing face to face conversations on this list, because they are so important to my happiness, that they are a basic necessity. Chatting is not, it doesn’t have the fulfilling happiness boosting quality that a real conversation has.
  • I lost a lot of time just deciding what to do next. Ok, my work schedule is chaotic, which is part of the reason, but an other reason is that I don’t have a strict routine and too easily lose sight of my long term goal. So more often than I care to remember I just stood in the middle of the room going: ehm, what should I be doing? I don’t want to allow such moments.
  • I especially regret scrolling through and posting on Instagram, it adds zilch, nothing at all, to the quality of my life. I’ve deleted Instagram for this reason. It’s vapid and leads nowhere. I was also getting tired of robots ‘following’ me. The same goes for Twitter where I have over 4,000 fake followers. None of them actually care a rat’s ass what I share on Twitter. I mostly post automatically now. What appears on PEP is automatically posted to Twitter. It’s useless, since this blog gets almost zero traffic through Twitter. People find it through google or their wordpress reader or in their mailbox, because they are subscribed via email.

So today, nauseous, guilt-ridden, looking back at last week, I have commited myself to cut out unproductive distractions even more thoroughly. Bye bye Instagram, Twitter use reduced to total zero, I’ve also deleted the facebook app and the Quora app.

If an activity is not connected to my long term goals, I don’t want to do it anymore. I know it’s possible, because before the internet became such a part of our lives, I felt like I was a productivity powerhouse.

And if I really need to relax for a while, I will read or just do nothing at all and listen to music for a while, or go for a walk. Things I did as a student, back when I had my shit together like a veteran Roman legion. I want those days back.