You gotta train yourself to see the good that happens to you in a day. So from time to time I post a ‘5 awesome things a day’ list.

Here’s the one for the 29th of March 2018.

1. My wife encourages me to dress better and the results are… significant

Ok, so for the last couple of years I’ve totally neglected how I look. I just had no motivation to take care of my looks at all.

Luckily I have a wife who has a natural knack for pushing someone forward.

So she put gel in my hair, picked a shirt for me, pants, a leather jackets, and shoes that make me look slightly taller.

I can’t tell you for sure if it was my look that’s behind this, but everyone was exceeeeeedingly friendly to me today. Ok, not everyone, but very nearly everbody.

I got lots of smiles, I noticed women were looking at me in the bus, on the street, people were just friendlier.

If you allow me to dress and look the way I want, I go out like this:

That’s cool if you’re Kurt Cobain, but if you’re me it just makes people treat you like you’re invisible.

Unless, of course, people were just in a jolly good mood today. Tomorrow is a holiday.

2. March 2018 set a new record for visitors on this blog in one month

The previous record holder was February 2018, so we keep growing, steadily. Yes, March is longer than February, but the record was already smashed on the 28th of March.

3. I felt attracted to someone

You have to treasure the feeling. Being drawn to a person is interesting to say the least. I always wonder what causes the attraction. She’s a rather bossy, sharpishly intelligent lady, with a strong will. She can be on the border of attacking me, but am attracted. Why? I don’t know. It’s just fun. Nothing will happen, because I seem to get on her nerves, but it’s still nice to be specifically drawn to one person. Attraction is still magic to me. I still don’t know what causes it. She looks nothing like any of the women I’ve been attracted to in the past, she looks good, but if you would purely look at the women I’m attracted to, there’s no clear type. Except that they are all thin and look strong-willed and have long hair.

4. I can talk to my wife about point 3 and she doesn’t try to kill me

Isn’t that amazing?

She’s just genuinely curious and we talk about everything.

5. I had a very mutally supportive conversation with a fellow artist

It’s nice to exchange ideas with someone who’s equally ambitious, but doesn’t mistakes goals for actual achievements. We just encouraged each other, profoundly, I think, without a trace of envy. Which is very rare. I can’t talk about these things with many people, not even with some of my best friends, because even in friendships I consider to be strong, is an issue. My success clearly makes some of my friends uncomfortable and vice versa. Which is really sad. So when envy is not an issue and you can’t just really, from the bottom of your heart, wish someone success, that’s just awesome

Bonus 6: Tyler wrote a truly inspiring comment under the article ‘what are Slovak somen like?’ It’s one of the most popular posts among over 700 posts on this website, so if you want to check it out, you’ll have no trouble locating it.