Politics have no relation to morals”-Niccolo Machiavelli

• Our story begins in 2003 when Libyan dictator Gaddafi agreed to undergo nuclear disarmament by relinquishing his nuclear program. The international community assured the Libyan leader that such weaponry would no longer be necessary for him to protect his country’s territorial sovereignty and maintain his grip over power.

• Soon enough, slightly after the 2007 French presidential election which saw the election of Nicolas Sarkozy, rumors spread regarding possible illegal funding and foreign state intervention. Journalists and investigators soon began to emit the possibility for Qaddafi to have personally funded Sarkozy’s presidential campaign with up to 50 million€ .

• In the following years, Qaddafi began making his intention of granting African and Middle Eastern countries independence from US financial control, clear. Indeed, during an African Union summit he stated wanting to overthrow the monopoly of the petrodollar. He outlined his objective of selling Libyan oil using the Golden Dinar instead of the American dollar.

• In 2011, some rebel groups rose up and caused turmoil throughout Libya, in the name of the so-called ideal of freedom and emancipation from Qaddafi’s “rule of terror”. The international community, led by the United States which reserved the right to dictate to others how they ought to behave started virtue signaling. Once more, the West unleashed its moralizing discourse reflecting its rigid belief that it rests superior to the remainder of the world. This was undoubtedly aimed in gaining popular support domestically in light of justifying military intervention. Just as with Iraq, Western populations fell once again into the trap of their militaristic leaders-history does repeat itself.

• As you might have already guessed, France and the United States joined hands (unlike during Operation Iraqi Freedom) and under the banner of freedom and liberty (whatever that means), used NATO, which can arguably be seen as a neo-imperialist tool, in an effort of conducting aerial raids over Libyan territory. Such attacks were carried out as support to the so-called rebel fighters which turned out to be worse than Qaddafi and mostly Islamist. It has been stated that the French government armed and financed such groups into revolting against Qaddafi, DGSE operatives were reported promising unconditional French support to the warlords if they overthrew Qaddafi.

• At the time, Libya was quite possibly the wealthiest nation in Africa, offering a wide range of benefits to its citizens, raging from free education, state funding to any Libyan looking to start a farm and grow crops, quality universal healthcare, high social benefits, job opportunities and far more. Qaddafi may have been ruling with an Iron fist but he was by no means a selfish leader (unlike the US-friendly Saudi Arabian monarchy), opting to use oil revenues to better the lives of his fellow Libyans. He was also quite Secular and ruled over the African country with the highest GDP per capita, highest HDI and a low Gini coefficient.

• On the 20th of October 2011, with the continued assistance of US/French air forces and supplies, the rebels managed to capture Qaddafi and offered him a gruesome and horrific death. He was not offered international protection, nor was he judged by an international court. No! He was murdered and died a vilified man! Taking his secrets with him to the tomb! The country he had helped strive seemingly turned against him and soon plunged into chaos.

But who cares?

Treacherous Sarkozy washed his hands clean by killing off one of his closest friends. All of his crimes would be forgotten and his image would not be tarnished!

• In parallel, US national interests would be safeguarded and the petrodollar would be allowed to live on. Today, US/French oil companies control the once nationalized oil reserves of Libya, the country has fallen into absolute poverty and is embroiled in a seemingly never-ending Civil War. The population regrets the actions of such despicable rebel groups! Islamism has taken control of the lives of many and a slave trade has begun to take place within the country’s borders. The country has become a breeding ground for terrorist organizations and a hub from which they can launch attacks on Tunisia and even Europe.

• This has even affected European political culture by causing a surge in far-right ideology due to the refugee crisis.

• How many refugees or economic migrants die each day on boats in the Mediterranean sea? Libya was Europe’s barrier against this!

On a brighter note, Sarkozy was detained today by French police due to new findings regarding his illegal use of Libyan money during his 2007 campaign!

Sarkozy en garde à vue: l’affaire des fonds libyens

Ex-French president Sarkozy in custody over Gadhafi claims

Sarkozy est une honte pour la France ! Il n’a causé que du tort aux peuples d’Orient et d’Occident !

Edit: Sarkozy has been indicted!

Cyrille Daoud wrote the above article on Quora, we’ve quoted it without making any changes whatsoever.