This is a Dutch lady. I randomly found her on Instagram and I forgot her name. According to me she puts any Hollywood celebrity to shame, and she’s no exception. When I walk around in the Netherlands I spot women like this all the time. They are gorgeous. They’re also very intelligent and quite extravert and chatty. They can be very direct and assertive which can come as a shock to men from countries where gender roles are more traditional.

As for the men, when I walk around in the Netherlands I have a hard time not thinking of myself as an unattractive dwarf. They are very tall, slender and usually have bright facial expressions and a very vibrant energy, just like the women.

I’m from Flanders myself, I speak Dutch, but when it comes to my northern neighbours, I kinda feel like Flemish people are the slightly stunted branch of the Dutch family, whereas the people from the Netherlands are like in magical place where everything went a lot better, genetically speaking.

PS What an incredibly beautiful woman this is. I rarely store pictures of random women on my ipad, but this one knocked the air out of my lungs. If I wasn’t married to an equally stunning Slovak lady, I’d be writing her poems and sending her flowers, tons of mesmerizing Dutch tullips.

This was one of the sillier questions on Quora.