On Palm Sunday, the 25th of March, 2018, pope Francis said the following:

“The temptation to silence young people has always existed. There are many ways to silence young people and make them invisible. … There are many ways to sedate them, to keep them from getting involved, to make their dreams flat and dreary, petty and plaintive.”

But he told youths in his homily that “you have it in you to shout,” even if “we older people and leaders, very often corrupt, keep quiet.”

Here in Slovakia a young journalist, 27, named Jan Kuciak was murdered along with his fiancee, almost certainly for exposing corruption here.

Young people often have ideals and haven’t settled for a mediocre life in a nasty world yet.

We should support them when they try to fight for a better world for everyone, and not ridicule them or try to shout them down, because we are older and ‘know better’. We don’t know better, we are all afraid that really positive changes are possible, because then we would have to do something to make them happen. If you convince yourself that a better world is impossible, you don’t have to bother.