It’s very simple.

Stop doing things that don’t get you any money.

Don’t be the guy who invests time in commenting on facebook posts.

Ever notice that only losers comment on facebook posts and allowed themselves to be dragged into the typical, boring, digital shouting contests?

Do stuff that gets you money. Even if it’s not much. Making 8 dollar per hour beats the shit out of making zero dollar per hour.

Do you have any idea how much time you waste every day of your life that gets you zero money? Or that even costs you money?

What good has reading the news ever done for you? It’s one of those exalted, intellectual looking activities, but, if it’s not making you money, then what’s the fucking point?

You can’t do a damn thing without money. You can’t seriously, in way that makes a crucial difference, help a cause you support if you have no money. You can’t ensure your family will always have everything it needs, you can’t buy the best and healthiest food, care, etc. And because the price of style is out of your range, you will be dressed like a hobo. That’s totally cool if you are in a grunge band or if you’re an excentric billionaire, but otherwise it’s just going to tell people that you’re not especially competent and certainly not powerful.

Do stuff that makes you money. Do not do stuff that does not make you money.

I’ve been up and I’ve been down, financially, and this one habit has allowed me to double my income in three months time.

If you are serious about wanting to make more money do not allow yourself to do stuff that does not lead to money.

I’ve spent 11 hours on an open air market, in the cold, because I forgot my coat, selling one of my books. It’s 22.45 and most of my friends are out boozing or watching movie, but I’m here expanding this website, a website that is generating money in a variety of ways.

Do not make excuses. If you get organized you can do stuff that leads to money 12 hours a day.

And important to note: I am having waaaay for fun now than when I used to ‘relax’ for at least half of the day, like most people in the western world do, if we would take an honest look at how most people really spend their days, even the ones with full time jobs.