‘Game’ is the whole game of seduction.

‘Day game’ is going out during the day and introducing yourself to women you find attractive in typical every day settings, such as a busy street, a square, a shopping mall, a museum, campus grounds, book shops, parks, etc.

‘Night game’ is going out to clubs and chatting up girls there. If you enjoy dancing you have a huge advantage there, but you can be succesful at night game with two wooden legs as well.

The advantage of day game is that you have a much bigger chance to meet women who are more serious. They are also more often alone, so you don’t have to face the judgment and possible ‘cockblocking’ of their friends. A disadvantage is that they can be so taken by surprise that they are in no mood to give you any kind of attention. A trick is to just approach her again and smile. Sasha Daygame used to literally run after them if they ignored him with a goofy, disarming smile. A big disadvantage of day game is that you can feel like a creep at times. Which takes a lot of repetition to overcome. You also need to overcome the pressure of having onlookers. If you approach a woman at a bus stop, chances are your conversation will be overheard. The biggest advantage is that you can pre-select the type of women you want to meet. Want an intellectual girl? Go to a book shop, the park of a university or a library. Want a trendy girl? Go to a clothes shop. Want an alternative girl? Go to some alternative second hand vinyl records shop. It’s also cheaper than night game, since you can do it while you go about your every day business, and don’t need to pay entrance fees for clubs, and drinks will be cheaper.

The advantage of night game might be that you meet women who are already in the mood to meet a guy, but don’t take that as a certainty. There are tons of women who have a girls’ night out, just to feel feminine and have fun, and a guy is not wanted. They may even have an unspoken pact to sabotage any interaction between one of the girls and a guy. A girl who knows she might be approached by guys will be quicker to put up her so called ‘bitch shield’, which is a mechanism through which women filter the guys who approach them. Only genuinely self-confident, intelligent, funny guys can break through it. You read more about ‘bitch shields’ elsewhere on this site.

Some guys prefer day game, some prefer night game, and a minority feels comfortable in both settings.

Apart from ‘day’ game or ‘night’ game, there’s also a difference between ‘direct game’ and ‘direct game’.